Friday, April 23, 2010

Coffee or Tea?
My aunt gave me this little pouch many years ago.
I do like the sentiment on it, except lately I've been substituting 
a good strong cup of coffee for the tea.

Today I decided to take time and have a little cuppa tea.
Don't the English say it is just the thing for any situation that comes up?

I've been enjoying the way the garden is springing to life.
The bleeding heart comes and goes so quickly.
By early summer there will be nothing left of it.

The viburnum is ready to burst into bloom...
It's right beside the patio and starting to give some shade.

 Well, that was relaxing, but  I'm still craving my coffee.
I'm goin' out and just might stop at Starbucks! 

What about you? Coffee or tea?


  1. Tea...right now I'm in a Vanilla Chamomile phase. Ah yes, spring has sprung and everything looks gorgeous.
    Have a relaxing time with nature and coffee and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Tea... absolutely... I love the aroma of coffee and I like coffee ice cream and cappucino (vanilla and caramel flavored)... and for a long time the only liquor I drank was coffee liquere. But I just don'tlike the taste of flow blown coffee... Go figure....

  3. Now being English and all, I do love the idea of tea in a proper china cup with a saucer, but even then coffee usually wins out!

    Lovely pictures Maggie :)

  4. Oh for me, it has to be coffee; me, any time, any place! Your viburnum looks like it is going to be glorious- please post more pictures of your garden soon!

  5. I love hot coffee and iced tea. In this case I have to go with coffee. However I have a nice teacup collection which hardly is used.
    You have some pretty ones. Fun post!

  6. I came here to drink my morning coffee and it's an enchantment, just to breathe among your beautiful photos, thank you for sharing your love of nature :)


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