Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've Been Tagged!
(A Long Time Ago!)
I'm so late with this ~ but I've had every intention of posting, things have just gotten very hectic. I haven't been able to keep up with the challenges, I haven't been visiting  blogs, or posting. 

But I'm back, since I can now take time to stop and smell the,
erm, daffodils, since the roses are still a couple months away.

I've been tagged by 2 lovely friends,
They are both extraordinarily talented and creative artists
so you must visit their blogs and shops if you don't already!
At first I was apprehensive about what my10th photo would be.
Luckily I take most of the photos, so the chances of the 10th one
being of me were slim. And also lucky because there is no such thing
as a good photo of me. I'm  truly un-photogenic!
Ugh. But you never know.

But happily, I had scanned some old family photos
not long ago, and here was one of my grandparents!
I don't know how old they were here, I'm guessing in their 30s?
I think my grandmother's dress looks rather 30ish. 
She was born in 1907, my grandfather in 1901.  

My grandmother died when I was only 10,
but my grandfather lived into his 90s and got to know his
great-grandson. So as not to get all the grandfathers confused,
my son called him "Big Grandpa", even though he was never "big",
just tall, but even less so as he entered his 90s. 
I think Jesse takes after him somewhat ~ 
a tall drink of water who never gains weight! Wish I was that lucky!

The rules of the game are:

Open your first photo file

Scroll to the 10th photo

Post the photo and the story behind it

Tag 5 more people

So, since it is extremely hard to choose 5 lucky people to tag,
I'll just say, play the game if you'd like! It's actually quite fun.
You might find a picture that you ordinarily would not post,
and that can be quite rewarding!


  1. what a wonderful photo to open up to!! i'm sure it brought back loads of memories for you :) the people of old, they really dress well and looked really elegant ... both men and women. what happened to the fashion sense these days LOL!!!

    thanks for playing :) this is a wonderful 10th photo :)

  2. Yes I'm the same.....need to do this. I was tagged and fell so far behind with my blogging.
    Fun picture of your grandparents. Isn't it cool how are children really do resemble the grandparents. It's so amazing! My son looks like both grandpa's on both sides....just the way it should be....right???

  3. Thanks for sharing this great photo Maggie - your grandparents look really happy together, and yes I can see the family resemblence there too!

  4. Yep...I was tagged a while back too but again as you, I've been busy. I'll get to it eventually. Yes, there sure is a family gene that's dominate. I wish I was a tall drink of water Have a good day Magpie.



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