Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jesse
I cannot believe it, but my baby is 20 years old today!
 With 2 of his biggest fans in the whole world, 
Grammy and Grandpa

With friends in California


Kenny, born on the same day, same hospital
Happy Bday Kenny!

Moving 2700 miles away

New friends
Tabitha and John Michael

First Grade
Looks like he's saying, 
You mean there's 12 more years of this?? 

Favorite pastime, next to skateboarding

Finally got a haircut

This went by the wayside

Still fishing... 

A trip back to California, pic snapped with " The Duke"
Of course he said, Who's John Wayne?

First legal beer ever, in Mexico where the drinking age is 18.
Grinning from ear to ear about that.

Happy Birthday, Jesse!
We love you and are SO proud of you! 


  1. Happy Cake Day to your baby :)


  2. Happy Birthday, Jesse! My baby boy will be 20 this year, too. How is it that my son and I are almost the same age, LOL!
    I had no idea you moved here to Pennsyl-tucky
    from CA. Unimaginable to me :)
    xox, Lisa

    PS Maybe the smell is a spirit. We have a lady ghost that gives off a lavender smell when she is near...
    Maybe your ghost is a trucker...

  3. what a smashing tribute and beautiful photos :) your son sure is one handsome looking lad!! happy birthday jesse :))))))

  4. Lovely story... wonderfully told in images...

  5. Oh wow! A huge ♫Happy Birthday♫ to your Jesse!! What a great age too and I hope it's a wonderful year for him!

    So... I didn't know you were from Cali too, where 'bouts?

  6. Thank you all for the good wishes for Jesse!

    Lisa, I didn't realize you have a son the same age as mine! How could you? You are WAY too young!!

    Pennsyl-tucky, I love that. Hehehe. Yep, a grueling trip. But 15 years ago now, seems like forever.

    If I have to have a smelly ghost, I'd much rather have the Lavender Lady...

    Sharon, I lived in Orange County before I met my husband. Then I lived in San Diego, and we met while living in Oceanside (San Diego County). All together I lived in CA for 16 years. Here's the funny part ~ we are both originally from Pittsburgh but didn't know each other when we lived here!

    I thought I heard you mention California, but couldn't tell if you lived there. Are you from CA?

    (haha I wrote "heard" as if I could "hear" you!)

  7. Maggie I know this is like 2-1/2 yrs late but your son is really handsome. I kow you're a proud momma.


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