Monday, February 22, 2010

Under Construction
Pardon me while I am in the process of switching my
blog over to a 3-column layout.
And, as you can see, I am using the awesome new 
Magic Carpet blog theme 
I won from Plumrose Lane!I love it so far! Still have to add the little tags.
I also got the how-to for switching to 3 columns,
plus the instructions for removing the hideous lines
around my pictures from Sharon's tutorials.
Check out her blog for gorgeous free backgrounds
and really helpful blogging tips!

Well, back to getting my taxes organized so I can
hand them overto the tax guru tomorrow.
Bleh. Not fun. Not creative. Not likely to go away either.

I'll be back!


  1. Love the new look already!!!!!
    WOWZERS Very eye catching.


  2. It's gorgeous, and I really need to check in at PrL to see how to remove those pesky lines around pictures and maybe create a little more space between my columns....
    Happy Tuesday!


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