Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Studying Duy Huynh

MJJ Month 4 ~ Another Challenge . . .

Each journal I've received in this year's swap has
had its challenging moments!

Tammy's artist is Duy Huynh, a North Carolina artist whose art
is serene, surreal, ethereal, and dreamlike. Oh. I forgot to mention.
It shines with a perfection that is impossible to imitate!
But our task is to give it a try and I had so much fun
with his whimsical subject matter.

I was so frustrated with my first attempts to imitate Mr. Huynh's style, 
until I realized that his backgrounds were brilliantly every bit 
as important as the subject in the foreground.
Once I began concentrating on making the backgrounds
bolder, I was a bit happier with my pieces.

I hardly ever paint any subject matter twice,
but the one above is another version of a painting
from a few years ago:
I didn't set out to make the floating girl look the same.
But darned if she isn't the same girl all grown up!
Different cat, though.
(This one's available in my Etsy shop)
This painting has now been sold! Thank you so very much, Darla!

I think this simple balloon painting might be the one I like best.

One last one:

. . . and a tag:

The reverse side says: "Bee Happy"

It's been fun connecting with the different artists that
were chosen by each of us. 
Some, like Duy Huynh, I was not familiar with. 
Now, I would know a painting of his anywhere.
And I'm so glad about that!

Next up is Lisa Wright's Matisse journal.
I've already received it and can't wait to start.
Somehow, I'm thinking Matisse will be a bit easier,
but after 4 journals so far, I know not to even think such a thing.



  1. Love your additions to Tammy's Duy Huynh book. You have captured the depth he has in his backgrounds. These are all very nice. The angel holding a tree picture is so cute. Also love the floating girl...it is very DH/ MN style. :-)

  2. So, SO gorgeous! I love them all, but the first one with her holding a painting of a tree melding with the background, REALLY resonates with me! And the Winnie the Pooh quote is one of my faves! Amazing as always!

  3. That is a new artist for me. I love how you have achieved such bold backgrounds without diminishing the importance of the central image. All your works are beautiful. I love the portrait.

  4. I think my fav is the balloon painting as well. Simple but deep at the same time. Thanks for sharing!!

    Happy Paint Party Friday!
    Tam Hess

  5. Your pages are spectacular Maggie!! So whimsical and I love the depth of the backgrounds. I too struggled with them. They are every bit as important as what lies on top of them. Thank you for these fun pages. I love them!! I cannot pick a favorite because they are equally awesome. <3

  6. Oh wow Maggie, you truly are one of my favourite artists - whichever artist or theme we do you ALWAYS create the most gorgeous art!! I think DH is a perfect fit with you in its fantasy whimsical style & still your own unique style elements shine through too. I really really love these paintings. Tammy is a lucky lady:-) Kat xx

  7. the colours are simply sumptuous... what a wonderful addition to the journal you have made... I can't wait to see what you do with matisse

  8. I love all your work. The backgrounds are terrific - I'm a big background person! I think the balloon painting is fantastic - but to be honest it would be hard to choose just one above all the rest.

  9. These paintings are beautiful! Love the strong and vibrant colours ♥

  10. These are all fabulous. I love the colors, but the first one is my favorite. I love her hair.

  11. now that i have seen these paintings in real life;
    i KNOW computers are just simpletons :)
    they cannot express emotion
    or even the smoothness of color changes
    and blending...
    Maggie, you are just soooo good!
    I have seen artwork on a computer and have been disappointed
    at the real-life piece.
    but yours is the opposite...it has to be seen and held
    to truly appreciate its soul.
    i am happy to follow you in this art circle,
    but also quite intimidated.
    pooh is one of my favorite people
    and i had him in mind for this book,
    but i just can't now :)
    {great minds}
    the first painting...the fairy-girl holding the framed tree...
    so many ways to read this! that is art at its finest XOx

  12. What a wonderful thing to see your little girl all grown up - and still flying with cats. I think I might ask my three cats if they would enjoy taking a flight of fancy with me! I love your work so much always and this doesn't disappoint. I am a bit scared of trying this artist I have to confess - especially as you have raised the bar a notch or two!!


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