Thursday, May 22, 2014

Studying Anahata Katkin

Kim's Journal

I finished Kim's pages and have sent them on to Priti Lisa.
Kim's artist is Anahata Katkin, whose work I love!

Anahata's paintings feature flowers and sometimes birds and other animals. . .
many beautiful faces. . . and flowing lines and pretty text. 
Since I love images like this, it was so much fun trying to work in her style.

Kim included some amazing cut-out hands for us to sign in with.
Here are the front and back of mine.

The back side of my two "Pink" ladies:

(I wish I could follow this advice, but I need to work on the faith aspect.

I tend toward a Murphy's Law philosophy... more like ~
“Leap, and then wonder what the H-E-double-toothpicks were you thinking”!)

The first four artists who work on each journal collaborate
on the front cover. The last four collaborate on the back cover.
I can't believe we are now half done, but I was the fourth one
to work on Kim's front cover. It already had such awesome art
on it and looked to me to be finished! So I added some swirly
designs ala Anahata in spots where I could!

Anahata's designs are much more graceful than mine, but it was
fun and calming to draw these, kind of like doing Zentangles :-)

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!
Happy (3-day) Memorial Day weekend, if you live in the US!



  1. LOVE these Katkin inspired beauties.
    Your leap page is wonderful.
    Wish I could be brave enough to follow that advice.
    Kim's journal is amazing. BRAVO and much LOVE Maggie.

  2. These are really wonderful. You should join me and others in Paint Party Friday. Check it out here it is really lots of fun

  3. Oh, I love these! Kim is one lucky person to be receiving these gorgeous images. And I'm going to follow the advice and just try to believe that the net will appear.

  4. Beautiful Maggie! I think you captured her work perfectly and mixed it up with your own. It is such a challenge to do this I am finding!! Love your mix of collage and painting and that trapeze artist is incredible!! I think I might do a bit of leaping today - I'm in the mood for it!!

    I have your Merello book now. He's one tricky customer!!

  5. Oh so gorgeous- I love ALL of your pages and especially the "Leap and the net will appear"! FabUlous!!!

  6. Maggie, Your work is always so inspiring to me! I love love the Leap pages and the Net will appear! I can't even tell you how much I LOOOOVE these pages! SO Creative!
    It is such an indescribable feeling to conquer fear and yet every time I still walk to the edge and have to make myself jump! Your work inspires me to JUMP without fear!
    Both the ladies just make me smile! You know I am all about PINK and flowers! The stars are such a great touch the first one and the second one... so much detail.. ooh la la! I am crazy about the little white hankie on her head and the little leaves dangling from her flowers, and her how you textured her MUCH to LOVE here!! Thank you Maggie for your incredible addition to my book... Anahata Katkin would be so proud!

  7. As always, stunning gorgeous vibrant art!! You mix collage & wonderful painting technique so seamlessly. You've done a wonderful job of interpreting Anahata Katkin but made it even better by including a big part of you. Whimsical, magical, colourful delight! Cor blimey, this MJJ stretches my knowledge of suitable adjectives, lol :-)
    Kat Xx

  8. Hi Maggie, Happy Friday Eve! Just dropping in again to peek at my fabulous journal pages! :)

  9. These are amazing! One of these days I'm going to take part in one of these cooperative traveling journal projects. Blessings!

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