Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer is fleeting

Some pictures from my garden.
Flowers this time.
Veggies later.


A calla lily that I thought would not come up this year 
after the nasty winter we had.

It has that motto that I like ~
Never ever ever give up.

I planted some Four O’Clocks a little late, 
but I hope it means they'll still be blooming in September.

Here's what they will look like if you are not familiar with them:
Photo courtesy of Burpee.

My grandmother always had four o'clocks in her garden.
It's true ~ they bloom at 4:00 in the afternoon (or thereabouts).
Things were simpler then; we kids thought it was exciting and cool 
that flowers could tell time :-) Kids today might just think it's a big yawn...
More exciting things happening on their smart phones.

I'm gonna have to pay more attention to framing my photos.

Garden implements photobombing both of these pictures lol. 


I decided to post these pics now because I just noticed 
that even though these were taken only 4 or so days ago, 
everything has changed already! 

Summer is flying by . . . I guess we are about half through already.

How is your summer going? How does your garden grow?


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  1. GREAT colors! I like how bright they are--I'm not a fan of pastels, which is what most gardens look like around here.


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