Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Houses tucked in tight

The Neighborhood
I've been trying to do some fun quick pieces,
not wanting to spend a huge amount of time, just some things
to encourage inspiration and creativity.

These whimsical houses fit the requirement.
The background is a Gelli plate print
(Ya, like everyone else, I have a stack of 'em mouldering on a shelf :-)
And the simple geometric shapes are quick to paint.
So ~ at least they start out simplistic. Of course then I begin playing with 
all the little details and the time adds up.
But it's OK because it's lots of fun. . .

I may do a series of these little neighborhoods.
This one is a nighttime scene, so no people in it.
They're all fast asleep in bed!
I call it "Tucked In Tight"

The theme at Inspiration Avenue this week is


Stop over HERE to see the entries in the challenge.
They will all be in by Sunday, November 17.
You still have time to enter!




  1. This is lovely, so beautifully done. whimsical place with a friendly moon,

  2. Aaah - gorgeous. Really... I know you say it's simple and quick, but by crikey, it's effective! The more I look at it the more I love the colours, the composition and that oooo so yummy gelli background. This is a LOVELY piece - thank you so much for sharing - Shroo:)x

  3. This is so sweet and whimsical and yet it has a calm and homey feel to it what a lovely picture...beautiful work Maggie.

  4. Your neighborhood image is wonderful! I love the happy moon and the soft textures. The fruity tree and swirly sky are dreamlike. I'd love to see a whole series of Neighborhood pictures from you.

  5. How delightful - I just want to walk in and stay!

  6. ADORABLE........love the moon visiting the neighborhood! I haven't used those Gelli Plates yet, but you have tweaked my curiosity ~ I like how they transform a painting!
    Your neighborhood is wonderful!!!! Thanks for the visit, too!

  7. Really fabulous, love the colours used too. The moon is so cute :)
    Michelle x


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