Saturday, November 9, 2013

Full circle!

Priti Lisa's Journal

Lisa has a love for the Virgin Mary and also Frida Kahlo.
I couldn't decide which theme to go with 
for my pages in her journal so I did both.
Actually just one page of Frida . . . this is one of my favorite photos of her.

Lisa chose the color  turquoise , a beautiful color for Mary and also
a bright Mexican color that suits Frida.
The gold color is metallic, but didn't photograph well.

Lisa's journal is so packed with beautiful pages, it was impossible to close!
I had a difficult time photographing my pages, since they wouldn't lay flat.

I'm sure all 9 of the journals were packed like this as the last pages were finished.
I received mine back the other day and "overjoyed" and "astounded" are
much too mild to describe how much I love it! And no, it doesn't close either :-)

But, my finished journal will be another post . . .

I'm afraid I added to the thickness of her journal with this cross.

(Lisa, feel free to snip it off and use it somehow, if you want!
It might alleviate some of the bulkiness!)

“Magical Journal Journey” 
(thank you Lisa W for the perfect name!)
has been such a beautiful experience! I think we are all in 
agreement to do it again. It's wonderful to have received
my journal back after 9 months, but also sad that it has come to a close.

But the friendship of the 9 of us doesn't have an end date!
It is strengthened and flourishes with each Magical Journey!

Have a lovely and creative weekend!

Think about gathering some artist friends and starting your own
round robin! You won't be sorry!



  1. Beautiful pages for Lisa. In fact I have loved all of your work in these journals. I loved working in your orange journal as well Maggie. What a beautiful experience sharing art and friendship this way.

  2. It's as if you painted my soul on these pages Maggie! I am so overwhelmed with emotion.
    Mia thought your "Amazing Grace" was one of my paintings...that's how close you got to
    my essence. Thank you♥ ♥ ♥
    Also, the last paragraph of you post...that is EXACTLY how I feel too!

  3. What lovely pages you made for Lisa! I love the colors, the quote, the cross, and all of the beautiful elements you combined to make these pages. It's been a pleasure seeing the journal creations you've posted.


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