Monday, September 2, 2013

Would you like to join an 
  Altered   Postcard   Swap ?

Head over to Inspiration Avenue HERE to
read the details. But hurry . . . deadline to join is
September 5, 2013!

I've never made an altered postcard before...
So if you've never made one, join in anyway...
there are lots of examples to be found to give you ideas.

to see what you can find by Googling "altered postcards".

There is a junk/antique/thrift shop near me where I found
these postcards that I'm thinking of altering:

Unfortunately there is no message on the back of this one.
Guess I'll have to make up my own...

I had a cowgirl outfit very similar to this, so
this one really caught my eye!

Ha! Found it! That's me on the right.
I guess my mom (er, I mean Santa) forgot to bring the boots.

Love this message, a loaded question 
that really deserves an answer:

"Dear K------: (can't read the name)
Why don't you ever write to me?
Love to all, From

It could also be Mae, but I think it's Moe.
It's addressed to:

Miss Emma Brennan
Punxsutawney, Penna.

and came from Boise, Idaho.

This one is a postcard of a fruit label.

Stop over at Inspiration Avenue to join and to see
examples of some altered postcards.
This one is one of my favorites since I love Frida:

See you in the Swap!


  1. Cute retro cards. I have a stash of old vacation postcards I snagged at an antique shop last summer. They are so vibrant.

  2. Such a great idea! I haven't altered a Post Card either, but I can't wait to do it!!



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