Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Magical Journal Journeys

Magenta and Teal for Kat

. . . and a bit of silver . . . and gold . . . and butterfly colors . . . 
I so enjoyed working in these happy colors that were chosen by Kat.
 Although, as usual, I ended up sneaking in a few extra hues here and there.
The fabric I used for the flags and flower pots does gradate from magenta to red.
But, looking back, I think I've basically stuck to magenta and teal. 
I loved the quote on the right side of the first page:

“Two lasting bequests we can give our children:
one is roots, the other is wings.”
~ Hodding Carter

So my theme became Roots and Wings.

I've known Kat loves angels, since the time she so generously purchased
one of my angel paintings during a charity auction years ago.
Angels are fun to paint, both realistically and whimsically.
After doing a few in Kat's journal, I'm thinking of 
painting some Christmas angels later on.

Believe in angels, as they believe in you.

The reverse sides of the tags say 
Some whimsical trees.

I know Kat loves trees, but I've just discovered she has a secret wish

to own a small propeller plane...magenta-pink with turquoise polka dots of course!
(another fine example of Wings!)

I'm so wishing I could have included a painting of Kat doing

acrobatics in the sky in her whimsical plane,

 but I've already sent her journal on to Priti Lisa!

Ah well, I'll keep this in mind for another time!

Two more journals to go in this Magical Journal Journey. is white, the other is turquoise.
I think both will be fabulously fun!

Don't forget, one more day to join in on the
at Inspiration Avenue!
Deadline to join is September 5.
You will have til September 21 to complete your postcards!


  1. Maggie! I just got this enormous book in the mail! The postman drove it here, it was so heavy, lol.
    These pictures, pretty though they are,
    are NO representation of your pages. Oh! All of the angels and cherubs and the fabric banners and the trees (with those circle coaster-ish frame-ish coolness)
    All of the booklets are so wonderful, I will have to simmer on this before I begin...
    PS: The hair on the Angel with the dove...SO neat-o!

  2. Maggie I love all of the angels you made for Kat. They are so cute!!!!
    All of the roots and wings theme is cool.You have done stellar work/play here.
    Love it.
    Wasn't it fun working in her book?

  3. I agree with all of the above comments.... Beyond stellar Maggie! I love your angels and your yummy tags!
    trees, wings, roots, tags, angels and how you combined it altogether with the Teal and Magenta is fabulous!
    Your quote is perfect! Just really beautiful pages!!! The love you poured onto these pages is so evident

  4. Love.... Sad I don't get to see these in person. Kat is going to love these!

  5. I'm nearly in tears with happy grateful emotions Maggie - I love these pages soooo much my heart aches!!

    I adore the angels, of course (thanks for remembering)- the smaller ones are so cute and gorgeous & the big spread is stunning, truly perfect to me in every way. I adore the intricate detail on her dress, wings and on the beautiful bird - so cleverly done and in a style that I adore. The angel's serene & loving face, the pretty butterfly on her shoulder, her collage/layered hair, the background pattern....everything - I couldn't love it more.

    Then the amazing whimsical trees and pretty flowers are gorgeous especially when linked to the theme and meanings of 'roots'. The words faith, hope and love are some of my favourites which I use as inspiration and to uplift my mood. For them to be on the back of these pretty layered tags is wonderful.

    The construction and design of the whole book is so clever, interesting & beautiful (I'm running out of adjectives). The front page with the wonderful quote so relevant to us Mums and its vibrant joyful colour is fantastic.

    Maggie I can't find enough ways to say how much I love everything about this exquisite booklet you've created for me. And no doubt I have much more to discover when I get to examine it closer in my hands :-) Sooooo excited to receive this!

    Thank you! Thank you!
    HUGE BIG Hugs of joy and gratitude
    You're fab my friend
    Kat Xxx

    1. Love you, are so kind and complimentary and I'm SO happy you love the pages! I had such a good time playing in your journal. As Lisa said, it is becoming filled with awesome goodness (as is everyone's) and it will be wonderful to have them back in our hands!
      Maggie xoxo

  6. Wonderful pages full of such pretty and inspiring images! I adore the angels! They are perfect. I know Kat will treasure this. The bird is gorgeous too. I love all of the mandala type patterns you used. This is all so Kat. You did great my friend!

  7. Magenta and Teal - two great colors! I love the combination, and your journal pages are so beautiful. I'm sure that Kat will love them. Your angels are wonderful, I specially like the little one (the first one).

  8. Thank you all so much for your wonderful and thoughtful comments! I truly appreciate your visits and look forward to reading your comments! ♥♥♥

  9. Very late to the party but so glad I came! Maggie all your pages are pretty, whimsical, colourful and full of delight! I have now got the pleasure of seeing them in real life and they are even yummier! Love your jaunty little flags, the fabulous mixed media tags and your angel is breath-taking! x


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