Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inspiration Avenue challenge: Kodak Moment

Not Kodak, but nevertheless, a “Moment”

Not even film, of course, but digital.

These pics are from Jesse's trail cam.

Deer seem to come out more often at night (safer that way? ...debatable)
And I think it's unusual to see 2 bucks together. They are usually alone.

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  1. These are such cool shots, Maggie. We live in a small community, so deer often come into town and end up in my neighborhood. They are such beautiful and graceful creatures. Blessings!

  2. Trail cameras seem to be more and more intriguing to me. Well, one day... Beautiful deer - they usually come into my front garden which I don't exactly appreciate, but on the other hand I love to watch them.

  3. The trail camera can capture moments we'd otherwise miss. How special to be privy to a split second in these majestic creatures' lives. I'm glad you shared these for our Kodak moment!

  4. THey are beautiful creatures (except when they eat our garden foliage. Great moments...

  5. Maggie your images are almost haunting. I can see myself night-walking next to the beautiful deer. They rule the south in the 4 directions with The Medicine Wheel

  6. Wow what great images beautiful wildlife photography.


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