Saturday, June 29, 2013

Outfits for All Occasions
Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

This week at IA, we have a guest host, Jez, a wonderful follower of
the Inspiration Avenue blog. Jez came up with the interesting topic,
Outfits for all Occasions
At first I thought this would be very easy, since most of my art is of figures, 
and they pretty much are always wearing an outfit of some sort.
So, piece of cake, right?

Not so fast. I must have been trying too hard to create the perfect outfit,
because I just couldn't come up with any good ideas.
So I ended up with two best friends, 
and best friends (of a certain age) must dress alike, no matter what the occasion.
All Mr. Kitty would agree to was a dapper bow tie in the same
ribbon as his friend, but I think they look ready for a special occasion.

Thank you, Jez, for coming up with this great theme,
and for sharing it with everyone at Inspiration Avenue!

Head over to Inspiration Avenue to see all the various interpretations.
Visit Jez and all of the other entries...
If you didn't enter this time, we hope you will soon!


  1. How cute! Very well done too. Love your technique.

  2. She's so sweet with her little kitty companion. Blessings!

  3. Aw Maggie, I love your two friends. The little girl, with polka dots and stripes, is so "fashion forward" as they say. The kitty is adorable in his tidy little bow tie. I love how you create such amazing characters! They are all unique, but have your signature style. The background is great too. I always want to touch your creations. I've been having the urge to create some backgrounds with 3D materials rather than just working digitally and your work always inspires me.

  4. Best friends DO have to dress alike or at least coordinate don't they? This piece has such a soft feeling to it.



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