Friday, June 21, 2013

Magical Journal Journeys

Tammy's Art Journal

Happy Summer Solstice!

If you are in the southern hemisphere, by contrast, this will be your darkest day of the year
so I hope you will be able to soak up some much needed sunshine by visiting
the blogs of we northerners who are honoring the summer solstice!

June is my favorite month, so I love that I can post my pages in Tammy's journal today.
My pages are all about the seasons of Spring and Summer.
Tammy's colors are Black, White, and Tan
and I admit that although I tried to stick to that completely, 
some color did sneak in here and there!

I love this tiny gardener and have been saving her for something special.
She is from IrelandRoseNostalgia on Etsy.

Below is a short page I added to separate the Spring and Summer pages.
I had fun finding photos that could be viewed through the "window".

The spiral binding in Tammy's book made it easy to stitch in the extra page.

I love all things Edwardian, so I was happy to find the photo of 
this old fashioned picnic. No sunscreen available in those days. 
Not much chance of a sunburn though...the ladies are all bundled up and wearing big hats!
I'm wondering about the huge veils on their hats. Was this for when it gets "buggy"?

I hope Tammy enjoys these pages...I know she loves gardens, and Summer, too.
I thought I would feel restricted using not much color (I am a color maniac!)
but I really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone.
That's been one of the fun things about the journal swap we are doing.
The owner of each journal has chosen the colors we must work in,
so needless to say, most of us have stepped a bit away from 
our favorite colors from time to time.

I headed over to Paint Party Friday this morning, and was amazed to see
that my entry for last week's PPF was chosen by random generator
to be featured this week! Thank you Eva and Kristin!!

I will be linking this to PPF this week.
A lot of collage, but I hope there is enough painting to qualify for PPF.
Happy PPF!

Enjoy the Summer Solstice!
What will you do on this longest day of the year?



  1. Lovely and creative journal pages ~ Divine! ~ Happy Day ^_^

  2. Oh I just love this art journal and fun style. I find that suns expression so amusing as if he is daunted by all the work he will be doing during the summer!! Beautiful job!! Happy ppf!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Wow! What amazing pages!!
    So rich with layers!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. So glad to see your birdies honored in the artist of the week for PPF. Your pages this week are beautiful. I love the window treatment.

  5. Wonderful journal pages! Particularly like your little "gardener" and her birdies.

  6. Honestly Maggie,
    these pages could not be more beautiful!
    The painting...her hair is just
    Good grief...if I didn't love you so,
    I would be jealous.
    maybe I am...just a bit.

  7. Maggie,
    I am never surprised by your work. I always expect it to be completely amazing and beautiful, just like your pages here for Tammy! I do love windows and doors and openings that lead to another journey of your imagination. You always deliver..brilliantly! XO

  8. Oh Maggie these are such beautiful vintage inspired pages-love all of them!! Happy PPF! Oh, and happy summer too!

  9. Your journal pages are so beautiful. Happy Solstice and HPPF!

  10. Oh Maggie, I just love these pages! The sweet little Spring time darling with the birds on the windowsill. I love the pretty flowering vine and the gorgeous lady smelling the roses. I am in awe of your drawing and painting ability. The textured alfresco wall is fabulous and the windows are so fun.

    I cannot wait to visit these pages in person. Thank you sweet lady.


  11. Your journal pages are just beautiful.:)

  12. such a lovely spread of pages and thanks for the warm summery thoughts ... we need them down here today...xx

  13. Beautiful vintage page. The colours are perfect for that era. I love the sun:)

  14. How gorgeous- I just wish I could see this in real life! Love all the vintage images; especially that picnic and your woman smelling flowers is FABuLOUS! Also love all the quotes and that window- this might be my favorite of your pages to date!

  15. Hoping for a little bit more sunshine :-) (living in the northern part of Germany)
    What a great idea to do an art journal swap! And wonderful to see the pages you have created for your friend!

    Ilona xxx

  16. Ah this is so utterly romantic! I can almost smell those roses from here ... The details are amazing, love the little window, the delicate lace and your stitching. Tammy will LOVE it! x

  17. The construction and layout of these pages is wonderful - the splash of rich colour against the black/white/tan works really well by highlighting the colour choice. The birdies are gorgeous. I like the vintage photos that along with the gingham, roses and lace add a beautiful nostalgic feel to the pages. I am sure Tammy will treasure these pages!
    Kat Xx
    PS only just commented on your post showing your pages in Kim's journal. I am so behind because of having to limit my internet time whilst I recover. Its been a pleasure to visit and see two lots of stunning journal pages! Xx


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