Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Magical Journal Journeys ~ First Stop!

I've finished my pages in Gemma's journal. 
We've all chosen colors for our journals and Gemma
chose purple. She told us we could also use splashes of
magenta, turquoise, lime green, and orange.
As you can see, a bit of a splash is not in my repertoire
and I kind of got carried away. Most probably because I love all of 
those colors and they look smashing with purple!

I added 2 pages at the back with a pocket for tags.  
I just realized I forgot to photograph my tag.
Oh well, 'twill be a bit of a surprise then :)

I'll be packing this up to send to Priti Lisa this week
and in another week or so I'll receive Stephanie's.

In other news. . .
Apple has informed me that my hard drive is being recalled.
So I will be taking my computer down to the the Apple Store
to have them put a new one in. I have to back up everything on my computer
because what I'll get back is a completely blank one :(
I know some people back up their files regularly. I am bad and I do not.
Let this be a lesson to me. The silver lining is that I was forced to go out and buy 
an external hard drive for back up, and now it will happen automatically.

Why am I telling you this? I will be computer-less for 2-5 days
while the Apple geniuses do their work. Not that you would miss me...
the post right before this was 2 weeks ago. But just in case.

Which reminds me to say I will also be out of town for a bit in April,
so you actually might wonder. 

Have a superb week! 
Make art every day



  1. Thanks Maggie
    These journal pages are perfect. I love them. The colors you chose to go with purple rock! Thanks for making a pocket and tags. Can't wait to see this. Stephanies journal will go in the mail in the morning. Hope all goes well with computer repair... you will be missed. :-)

  2. Love the theme and the fun patterns you used, Maggie. Be happy is my mom's motto so I love that too.

  3. How fun your pages are! I love the colors and the Be Happy theme! love love it all!!!

  4. Hi Maggie,
    I was so nervous that you would do what I
    have in mind for Gemma's book, since so often
    we think alike. But you created a beautiful spread
    that I would have never thought of doing.
    The little friends are 'you' but different too...
    a little 'edgier' and I love them!
    It was so kind of you to make Gemma the tag pocket,
    something I know she wanted.
    Good luck with your computer,
    just thinking about that makes me nervous, lol.
    I hope you have a pleasant time away...and you will be missed♥♥♥

  5. Inspiring pages Maggie! I agree with Lisa - the girls are sweet and pretty but with a modern, illustrative edge - I love them! The colour contrasts are fabulous too and really make the purple sing. Hope your computer issues are sorted quickly and painlessly, I had withdrawal symptoms when I was offline for a bit! x

  6. Smashing splashing darling! Always a pleasure to see your work Maggie :)

  7. Oh Wow - these are such a happy explosion of vibrant colour and unadulterated joy!! I love these colours & I love even more the way you've used them. And how lovely for you to make a special tag section for Gemma. Just looking at these pages on the computer screen lifts my mood so I can only imagine how very happy Gemma will be when she receives and gets to keep them.

    Hope your computer is fixed by now. I'm sorry I've been a bit of a rubbish friend this month but I've been thinking lots about you and your Mum and sending lots of strength & well wishes. Hope you're okay.

    Big Hugs
    Kat Xx

  8. Hi Maggie!
    I just popped in for a. Little. happiness inspiration! Just. Needed another peek at Gemmas journal, it's just so HAPPY :)

    Sending you and your mum lots of happiness wishes!

  9. Hmmmm. And here I thought that "back up" was referring to, "I want BACK UP in your warm lap". Purrhaps I should let "her" know the real meaning of "back up" because I don't ever see "her" doing your version of back ups.

    Hopefully you have your electronic Apple back and working!



  10. Beautiful journal work- these colors are a feast for the eyes!

    Foxglove Hollow


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