Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Magical Journal Journey Tour

Stephanie's Journal

~ More (very belated) pages in the Magical Journal Journey Tour ~
I'm so happy to be back to Art and Blogging 
after dealing with family health issues in April...

 Stephanie chose Purple, Black, and Metallic with touches of Blue Green
as her colors. I have absolutely no idea why the theme of India popped into
my head, unless it was because of the beautiful jewel-like colors
she chose. I was meant to do these pages in April, but luckily,
the pages in Steph's book are detachable, so I sent
the book on to Priti Lisa and kept these pages to work on :)

I had fun with the rich darkness of the colors and the brightness of the gold paint.

“Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is but a vision. 
But today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness 
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.” ~Indian proverb

On the last page, I finally got the Indian theme out of my system. . .

I learned how to make these 3D flowers from Christy Tomlinson in 
a Life Book 2013 lesson. It's fun and very addicting!
(Life Book is packed full of lessons for one whole year, 
a new one each week. If you enjoy online art lessons 
and tutorials, it's well worth the price.)

So now I'll pack these up and send to Priti Lisa.
And I already have Kim's juicy Red journal to work in.

I'll say goodbye to Purple . . . Gemma and Steph are the
only ones who've chosen Purple and I've already
had both journals. It will be interesting to switch gears,
but so easy because RED is one of my dear favorite colors!
Oh, and Kim chose Pink and Orange to go along with the red!



  1. You should have heard me sigh in wonder.... So beautiful Maggie. I LOVE the Indian theme which works perfectly.

  2. Outta this world amazing Maggie!
    That elephant!!!
    The Indian princess,
    the magic right out of Aladdin's lamp.
    Never mind that the background alone
    is a work of art... ♥♥♥

  3. Oh wow, Maggie! These pages are AWESOME!!. I want them for my book! Wah! So rich in theme and great colors for it. You are so goooood! Steph is a lucky lady. She will love them.


  4. Totally gorgeous. LOVE it. Cool that you used a "dream" quote. Wow amazing.
    Have fun with RED too!

  5. Maggie, this is just so beautiful ~ €. Everything about it is so rich and warm and delightful.

  6. Ah, shoot, hit the done button. I love the quote, your simply gorgeous flower which compliments all the colors so well and well, the India theme and your art work .... Just magic together! Can't wait to see what beauty pops into your mind for my pages!

  7. Such gorgeous colours and the pieces are lovely! The flowers are so textured!

  8. Oh this is so beautiful! It is rich with color and drama and the elephant...I'm having a hard time describing how beautiful it is :)

  9. Oh my goodness these pages are going to be a hard act to follow!! Rich and exotic and sooo beautifully painted. The gold pattern is divine against the deep purples - yummy! An Indian theme is perfect for these colours. Absolutely LOVE it Maggie, in fact I wish I could have it in my journal (yes I know mine is white, but still...!) x

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