Friday, May 4, 2012

Wednesday’s Child

Full disclosure: I'm not a Wednesday's child. I'm a Tuesday's child.

I don't feel particularly sad, but woeful Wednesday 
seemed more interesting than my day.
And anyway, I'm not graceful either :)
When Kim set the challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week,
(Days of the Week), I really wanted to do a Wednesday's child.
Kim was sweet enough to bend the rules and allow us to do 
another day of the week if we wanted to!  
So here is my Wednesday's child! 
I thought I would have time to do both, but who was I kidding?

I started with some blobs of purple and blue alcohol inks
and they turned into her dress. I cheated a bit and gave her a Madonna face.
Botticelli was a master of sad, beautiful faces.

The poem by Anne Bronte:

Oh, I am very weary, 
Though tears no longer flow; 
My eyes are tired of weeping, 
My heart is sick of woe.

It seems to be raining a bit in the background,
and the owl is weeping too. But otherwise, it's rather
cheerful with the bright colors, and lollipop flowers.

Pop on over to Inspiration Avenue to see the entries.
If you have time before Sunday, join the challenge!
On what day of the week were you born?



  1. oh Maggie your Wednesday child is wonderful!! i love your creativity from the stem wrapped around her to the tear in the owl's eye! and the poem is a perfect touch! simply wonderful piece!! XO :)

  2. It's good to read that someone stepped outside the box and picked a day different than their own. What I noticed first was the flower stem that looks a bit like a garden hose that was encircling and possibly imprisoning Wednesday's child. As I began looking at the piece, I noticed the house made from a postage stamp and letter. Really a very lovely and quite colorful entry. I love it!

  3. Very clever of you. Wish you could teach me how to make altered art. Hmm....just something else to learn with a slow learning curve, for sure!

    Anyway, I like the way you put the words there with the face. Sweet!

  4. Superwonderfulfabuloussupurblelistic!!!!!! Is that a word? LOL Well, it dang sure should be!
    You know I am a fan of altered art and I LOVE every aspect of YOUR Submission!!


  5. Your Wednsday's child is also fair of face. :-)

  6. Your Wednesday's child is beautifully woeful but also full of grace. The colors are so vivid. I could tell what day this was before I opened it to read your comments.

  7. i love this :) and it's great to read about the different elements with it... a great entry!!

  8. Kind of melancholy, but gorgeous! The colours, especially the beautifully rendered red flower behind her, really give this piece drama. Love the poem you've chosen too.

  9. Sorry I am tardy with my visit...another incredible piece of artwork!!!
    I got Steph's book last week and that mermaid is even more splendifferous than I imagined her to be.

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend!!!
    I hope you get some time for yourself this weekend (or not, but I know that's what I always wish for :))
    And some cake...that's my second favorite thing.

  10. So marvellous, love her blue look with tear and the color combination.


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