Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!
Round Robin and Postcard Swap 
Lilies of the Valley

It's finally May, and I am itching to get outside and plant some pretty flowers.
The weather is getting warmer and I hope it stays that way,
because I'm gonna plant my plants regardless.

Lily of the Valley is May's flower. They are so delicate and pretty
but every part of them is poisonous. Just a word to the wise :)

May also holds Mother's Day (U.S.) and my birthday. 
It's almost my favorite month...but that distinction goes to June.

That's when the peonies are in bloom:

Inspiration Avenue's Postcard Swap is in full swing.
I got my 5 names yesterday and can't wait 
to start making postcards and get them in the mail.

This will be a month filled with art-making.

I have Kim's GORGEOUS journal in our Round Robin swap.


It's always intimidating to start, 
when I have worries of messing up this wonderful book.
Kim's art is so amazing, I love the way she decorated the 
front, back, and inside pages.

Speaking of Kim, she is the host this week 
of Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge.
Do you know the poem,

“Monday's child is fair of face,

Tuesday's child is full of grace,

Wednesday's child is full of woe, 

Thursday's child has far to go.....”

The poem is the theme of the challenge.
Do you know what day of the week you were born on?
If not, Kim has included a link to find out.

My favorite day of the week and the day I was born.
Not the reason I like Tuesdays though, I'm sure.
Tuesday is good because of course it's not the dreaded Monday.
And yet it's very early in the week, and anything exciting might still happen!
Time still to get things done. 
Never mind that I probably won't accomplish nearly what I'd like.
The possibility is there.

Have a fabulous May!



  1. Lilies of the valley--they're a fave of mine, too.
    I enjoy the mixed media art you post here.

  2. thanks for your lovely comment :) we tuesday girls will stick together!
    and oooh! i can't wait to get one of your postcards!!
    i've got kim as one of my names and i agree, her work is amazing!! i admit to being a tad nervous sending one of my little efforts...
    i'm hoping to send my cards early next week... that's the plan, anyway...
    take care xx

  3. You are such a gracious hos and artist that it is no wonder you were born on a Tuesday!



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