Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly Challenge Inspiration Avenue

New best friends.

Okay, here's the conversation.
"I like your hair." "I like YOUR hair!"
"Yay! Let's go play in the damask!"
"I love damask. What's damask?"
"I don't know but I love it too!"

I wish I had a better story :)
But I'm rushing to get this posted in time for the 
challenge at Inspiration Avenue, which is

a quite interesting and challenging one brought to us by Shelly of Pics by Shel!

I have some foam stamps which I thought resembled damask.
I used them to create a background on black Canson paper,
but now I don't think they do justice to the beauty of damask.
But the BFFs don't know the difference, so it's all good lol!

Off to post my link on IA...
Be sure to visit later today to see all of the entries!



  1. A fun interpretation! Thanks for the visit

  2. Playing in damask eh? Well, I'm sure they'll stay cleaner than playing in the yard - especially in those pretty dresses ;)

  3. Well, not knowing what damask is, they thought it sounded like fun :0

  4. Sweet Maggie this is Devine I just LOVE domask and the rextures it give art. Love the BFF touvh too

  5. This is so sweet....I love it! Happy New Year! :))

  6. How cute. I love the story. That is just how to make friends.

  7. I love it! Instead of I like your hair, how about "I love your 2012 banner! Thanks for playing in the Damask. I always enjoy your submissions!



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