Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Art Challenge

Paper Dolls
Yesterday I was thinking I wouldn't have an entry 
for this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue.

I adored the theme of paper dolls and thought it would be a fun challenge.
The execution proved more problematic than the idea!
I started 2 different entries. Not happy with either.
It was harder than I thought it would be! Just not my thing, I thought.
I was expecting to have the best time doing this.
Instead I was stressing over it...

So, today I made myself complete both.
I don't hate either one as much as I thought I did,
and I'm glad they are finished!

The first one...
 Her name is Apolline, a high wire artist at the circus.
When she's not high above the crowd in the big top, she
loves shopping for everything pink! Occasionally
she will include something light green or another pale color.
She loves walking her puppy, Amaroo,
and is searching for the perfect pet bird
for the lovely vintage cage she found today.

For the second one, I fell back on some digital creations
that I mostly had already done, but added some new dresses and colors:
I was inspired by the yummy sixties fashions in Mad Men.
I confess I have never watched Mad Men, but I looked at the pictures!
It's on my to-do list to watch an episode.

Pop over to Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon 
(if you are in the US eastern time zone,
or adjust accordingly for your location!)
The entries will be displayed in the Gallery of Paper Dolls :)



  1. Oh how wonderfully creative. The digital 60s dolls are so funky. I've never seen Mad Men, either. I think they are on a channel I don't have.

    But of course, Apolline is adorable. I never thought to name any of my paper dolls. I'm glad you showed both sets. The outfits are divine, and that bird cage from the first set is outrageous.

  2. Oh, I love your digital designs!!!
    Both are so fresh!!!

  3. Of course I love both Maggie, but the Mad Men inspired dolls are the bomb!
    You MUST watch Mad Men...the whole series every season. It is my favorite show. I love the outfits and the constant cocktails and cigarettes...and so many characters that I love/hate. Perfect way to spend a winter afternoon if you have Netflix.

  4. For someone who had doubt about this challenge, you really pulled it off!
    Love them both. And yes, you must watch Mad Men, put it on your to do list, you'll be glad you did!


  5. Yay! I DO have Netflix. Or hubby does. He is the movie watcher around here. But I may get him to show me how it works. Love the idea of watching the whole season at once. That's how I watched The Sopranos, one episode after another. I was hooked :)

  6. Love your designs, they are so stylish.

  7. I'm mad for the Mad Men paper dolls!


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