Friday, December 2, 2011

Paint Party Friday

Work in Progress...
A page in my SBP journal.
A study for my entry in the Inspiration Avenue weekly challenge,
English Literature.
I picked that rascally little character Puck for my
interpretation of Shakespeare's
A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Why I chose Shakespeare... I don't know.
I find my eyes closing and my brain twirling like a
troupe of dancing fairies when I try to read his plays.
I've tried, but I just can't read him.
Thank goodness I'm no longer in school lol.

But I do love the story, 
if someone else would just write it in everyday English.
Actually someone probably has.

I love Puck.
He appears in other stories also, such as
Puck of Pook's Hill by Rudyard Kipling.

... and some ACEOs
that are in my Etsy shop ...
I used  colored pencil on watercolor paper.

(Note to self ~
How about using WATERCOLOR on watercolor paper
and colored pencil on something smooooth. 
Ugh. I just think I would like that much better.)

Go see what's new over there!


  1. Wonderful art style ~ well done! Love them ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF!

  2. Puck is a proper cutie!

    We all speaketh like the noble Shakespeare doth thou not knowest in this green and pleasant land?

  3. That is so cute! The boy is just adorable and I love your aceo's. :)

  4. Thank you all!

    Haha, Lisa...I didn't know that! I thought you all spoke like Simon Cowell. Or Gordon Ramsey, whom I can understand perfectly, as long as they are not bleeping out half of what he says. (Maybe they don't do that annoying censorship thing in the UK. I hope not, although G.R. could clean up his language for the telly just a bit IMHO :)

  5. Speaking of the telly. Off to pick up, oddly enough, a TV for my hubby, his Christmas present to himself, imagine that.

    I've been a deadbeat re blog visits. Will be around to visit PPF blogs a little later :)

  6. Puck. He brings to mind Peter Pan each time I read MND.

  7. I LOVE Puck so far! Adorably mischievous!

    Lovely ACEOs.

  8. Puck is fantastic - and he's making me want to get my hair cut back up into a pixie crop!!

    Your ACEOs are also really lovely - your ladies are all so serene.

  9. I like the girl with the cat, she`s amazing, all your works are amazing. Saludos

  10. puck is fantastic and i love your little cards

  11. These are all just wonderful! Love the last one most of all.

  12. beautiful work, Puck is just adorable and the aceo's are lovely,

  13. I love your style and these are awesome!!!

  14. I love your Puck and your ACEOs are fantastic.

  15. I love the character Puck from A Midsummer's Night's Dream! And your depiction of Puck is absolutely perfect!! :)

    So glad you shared this with us!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  16. I've always loved the character Puck...even named one of my favorite cats after him :0) Yours is adorable and I love the rest of your work too!

  17. I am loving Puck... always a favourite of mine and I am loving that my daughter is now discovering Shakespeare as well... it was a great topic this week wasn't it...xx

  18. What a fantastic Puck!!! oh wow! Perfect!

  19. I think Puck is a darling. Your aceo's are awesome. Nice job.

  20. Puck is so cute and adorable.

    And your girl ACEO are just gorgeous. Great Job!

  21. I have used watercolor on canvas and didn't like it, put it away for awhile, got it back out and it looks fine. I tend to do that with all my stuff though. I like these paintings. Blessings, Janet PPF

  22. Lovely work. I especially like the last.

  23. Your Puck is adorable, you captured his mischievous attitude perfectly, and I really love that bottom ACEO, she is wonderfully peaceful.

  24. What an amazing style you have!! Love them all!!

  25. Love your style. My favorite this week is the girl with the white kitty. Happy PPF!

  26. Your Puck is wonderful! You can see the mischief in his expression. :) And I love the ACEO's.

  27. Your work and blog are gorgeous!!! I too love Puck and your ACEO's are stunning - I am LOVING the second piece with that pouty mouth and pink hair! Bravo, xo

  28. I love the pink haired girl in the middle, they are all beautiful, but that one catches my eye most of all.


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