Sunday, December 18, 2011

IA Weekly Art Challenge

I think the image of the Christmas tree conjures up holiday festivity 
for me almost better than anything else. And snowflakes. And angels.
And best of all, sparkly lights.

So this digital image of our tree (probably the last year we had a real one)
and one of my angel ornaments is my contribution to 
Inspiration Avenue's Festive challenge.
 My own topic for the week, I might add. And I also might add,
another topic that I had a hard time with, geez.

As always, visit Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon
to see the gallery of festive entries!

Happy Week Before Christmas!



  1. It's a beautiful image, Maggie. I also really like your new blog page is boring me...I need a change. So, you have inspired me, again♥♥♥


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