Sunday, December 4, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

It may not be a midsummer night, but it's Puck and the Fairies!
This is not the painting I originally intended to enter
in the weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
But I rather like the way it came out and I had fun as it evolved.

The challenge theme is
English Literature
the choice of Lisa at The Wright Stuff, and a jolly good choice it is!

My theme of Shakespeare and that mischievous Puck is still the same.
Just a different version than the painting I still intend to finish...

It's a spread in my SBP journal. I'm so happy to get 2 more pages
finished because the deadline to send in my sketchbook is fast approaching.
You may be seeing more SBP pages as December flies along.

I just flat ran out of time for my original idea.
Hmmm, perhaps because I had a little too much help?

Oliver is never shy about voicing his opinions...

“Hmmm... I could have done a much better job on this.
The background resembles something I tore up in my kitten days.
Maybe she's saved it all this time and is just sticking it to me
now that I am all grown up and dignified-like.

Is that supposed to be a human version of me?
If so, I think I enjoy being a cat thank you very much.
Although there IS something, maybe around the eyes,
that reminds me of myself...”

“There must be more to this. She can't be serious. 
Anything on the back?...Nope”
“I was holding a little grudge against her
for all the time she spends in this so-called 
*ART ROOM which really should be MY room* 
 instead of feeding me treats 
whenever I feel my blood sugar dropping.
But now I just feel a bit sorry for her.
I guess I'll have to come around more often 
to offer my assistance. *sigh*”

Thank you, Oliver.
Alas, time to close this post, methinks.


  1. Love the painting and Oliver's opinions!

  2. While reading English literature one should always have a cat nearby. >^..^<
    Oliver is adorable.
    So is your painting.

  3. Oh this is magic Maggie - adorable, cute and a poppet - and that's just Oliver!!

    Great piece Maggie. This came out beautifully!!

  4. Your painting is absolutely charming Maggie! I really like the second one too, with the text, would love to see that when it's finished also. I'm sure Oliver would be glad to "help" again in exchange for a saucer of cream :)

  5. Your helper is much more attentive and talkative than mine. Your sketchbook is looking quite lively and lovely. Attention to detail is what makes this an excellent example of the IA theme. Great work.

  6. I love the work and the post made me laugh out loud... got to love a cat with attitude... in his kitten days indeed... fantastic work Maggie... love it xx

  7. Puck is a delight!!!
    Fun to see the previous photos too!!!

  8. Maggie, I love your new header. you know you should think about becoming a children's book illustrator. Your artwork is pure magic. I know the children would be captivated by your illustrations. I am.

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday season.



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