Saturday, October 29, 2011

IA Weekly Challenge

Marie has arrived at the masquerade ball . . .
has she gotten the date wrong? It seems she is the only one here.
No . . . she's just preparing for a grand entrance
and is waiting to enter the ballroom fashionably late.
In truth, her up-swept pink hairdo is to blame,
as it got tangled in the cherry tree outside the palace
and had to be redone. But no matter, her dance card is full
and the bits of twig and cherries stuck in her hair
will not keep her from having a splendid time!
Besides, she heard they have cake!

The theme this week at Inspiration Avenue, 
if you haven't guessed, is 
Masquerade Ball
This was a fun topic, and appropriate 
with Halloween just days away.
I immediately thought of Marie Antoinette 
since I am just a tiny bit obsessed
and love all the over-the-top
ornate opulence. Not that that's my style
but I just love looking at it :)

Be sure to check out all the entries in the challenge
which will be posted at Inspiration Avenue
on Sunday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend and a spooky Halloween!


  1. Very cool piece! From her cotton candy hairdo to her period dress, she's just great. I like your textural, interesting background too, it adds a lot! Great job!

  2. Love, love, love Marie! :) She represents a masquerade ball for me. Great painting! Oh, and the checkered floors. Love!

  3. I love the opulence as well... and pattern and all those good things from that time. I love her dress especially, and the checks on the floor... really like this a lot !!

  4. Perfect interpretation for the theme- I enjoyed this week too! I LOVE the pink hair and the story behind it as well GREAT job!

  5. What a charmer she is!!!
    Lovely art work!

  6. Marie is cute. I love her pink hair. Wish mine were that color.
    :-)Save a dance for me.

  7. This is adorable! Love it! Your little story to go along with it is just perfect. You've brighten my day Maggie.

  8. She's gorgeous. I love the detail you've put in. Beautiful

  9. Oh I love the painting and I love her! And all the detail!

  10. I love that pink hair... Fantastic! (I am also a huge fan of black and white checkered floors.)

    The way you have the ghost peeking out from the tree in the piece below is so great!


  11. Beautiful! and what a fantastic background. I love the theme. I hope you had a great Halloween!

    xx Jaime

  12. She's fabulous - I bet she has a wonderful time (well if there's cake, how could she not!)

    Gorgeous textrue and pattern and love her candyfloss pink hair!


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