Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paint Party Friday

Things that go Bump in the Night
How can a girl be afraid of the bogeyman when
she has her trusty companion by her side?
Well, maybe just a teensy bit...

This was actually going to be my entry in
Inspiration Avenue's Fear challenge.
But when you have a wonky computer
calling the shots, very few things
work out the way you planned. Now I've got a
new computer up and running, I can post
this for Paint Party Friday :)

Are you ready for the witchery and ghoulishness
of Halloween night? How do you spend the evening?
I will be handing out sweet treats to the tiny tots of the neighborhood,
as well as the great big ones and everybody in between.
We get scads of trick-or-treaters :)

My own little "goblin" is grown and probably will stay at school
for the weekend  ~ lots of Halloween parties around campus, you know. 
After all, what's the use of attending a "party school" if you don't
attend the parties? Just kidding, I'm happy he's having fun 
as long as his grades are good...hmmm, now
if I can just see some grades...

Go check out Paint Party Friday if you haven't already!



  1. Hi there, great piece. I enjoyed looking at the colors and got lost for a wee moment. Halloween we don't do anything but hand out candies if they come around. Most people have taken to having little Halloween parties where the kid gather instead of being out in the street. Nice piece, Happy PPF!

  2. Wooooo it does look kind of scary... but cute too!

  3. This is a cool and scary picture! Valerie

  4. Wonderfully spooky and creative! Wow! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF

  5. I say cats rule! :) That kitty cat can beat up that boogey man for sure! :)Wonderful painting!

  6. We can't wait to go to our old neighborhood and trick or treat with old friends--that is, the kids will. The grown ups will pass out candy, drink beer and eat pizza!

  7. Love this piece! I'll be dressed as a witch in my big witches hat with the big ribbon flowers on it, handing out candy to the kids that aren't afraid of the huge, hairy spider lurking over the front door!

  8. LOL - I know the feeling about not knowing what's going on with marks etc at university!

    Great piece and spooky too!

  9. This would have been perfect for fear, but is is perfect for Halloween week as well... spooky but cute happy PPF xx

  10. Wonderfully festive collage painting!

    So nice to see you are participating in The Sketchbook Project, too! :)

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  11. I love this piece!!She is surrounded by scariness!(Is that a word?) We had our party last week so we will be spending this weekend answering the door and shoveling snow I hear! 4 to 8 inches! I am not ready yet???

  12. LOTS of emotion in this piece. That must be some little Kitty Cat to ward off that much scary! Happy PPF!

  13. this is scary! love little red with her kitten ;0) Dxx

  14. This is great- your background is the perfect spooky touch and poor little red- I hope she makes it to grandma's in time....

  15. Awww, I just love this. She and her kitty are being so brave. Everything about it is great.

  16. Opps - looks like you got spmmed! I like your paingting.

  17. Ah, this is major spectacular!!!!I love it!Deb

  18. This is great!

    Happy Halloween and Happy PPF (a bit late)!

  19. I absolutely love this picture. She is thinking about all the boogie Halloween stuff and yet she is safe in her own little world. The whole picture tells a story, awesome. Blessings, Janet PPF

  20. The girl looks so sweet and the creature behind the tree so scary!
    Awesome blending of colours.


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