Saturday, September 10, 2011

Patterns at IA

The theme is 
this week at Inspiration Avenue.
I've been mulling this topic around in my mind
ever since I saw that someone had added it
to the ideas list on our backroom blog.
So, *Thank You* to whomever had the original idea! 

Between Color and Patterns, I don't know which
I like better. But luckily I don't have to choose...
I can have both, unlike with other yummy delights :)

At first I thought I would use my witchy girl
for the challenge. There are patterns floating here and there,
and she even has a patterned cat.

But I've been doodling around with painting on
book pages, and these are really my obsession right now...

As luck would have it, I have a bunch of garments
on hangers, all with patterns!

The challenge is to paint the pages without 
making a buckled mess of the paper. 
Water + book paper is really not a happy combination.

I've had to resort to scanning all but the above picture.
See how the text is waving here and there
because the paper just wouldn't lay flat for the camera.

My scanner likes to change colors to the ones it prefers, 
and we don't see eye to eye :)

When I figure out how to keep the color accurate in the scans,
I will put some of these in my shop.
The Witchy Girl with her cat is already there!

Thanks for visiting!
Hope the weekend is treating you well!


  1. I love these as a series, they are really sweet and i like the mix of paint and text... and glad someone else has the same problems with their scanner that I do.

  2. Your witchy girl collage is wonderful - I love all the detail & texture! Like your outfits on hangers on the Oz text. I agree that scanners can be a real pain when they get ideas of their own about what a colour should be.

    I've loved this week's challenge - thanks for hosting :-)

    Kat Xx

  3. oh these are so sweet! I love them all. They look like they were fun making.Hope you're having a great day.

  4. They are really beautiful - they have such a floaty feel! have a great week!

  5. I have the same problem with my scanner. Color can be off a lot, but the resolution is SO much better than my poor excuse of a camera. I am really impressed with these dresses, though. I am working on a dress right now, but mine is not as translucent as yours. I am in awe of all these. I was surprised that they were made using paint. I would have thought colored pencils or some such rather than paint. And yes, great minds think or thought alike in this challenge.

  6. Hey there wow you have been a creatin!!! very cool.
    I combined 2 chalenges for the first time this week. Added my link.
    Love your work

  7. Great ideas!! I like the first dress best, maybe because it has a shapely pattern :).
    Stay inspired!

  8. All are really nice, but I was especially taken with the Witchy Girl! Great color choices!

  9. Wow you have been busy Maggie! Loving your book page/dresses series, they would look amazing all lined up on the wall of a little girl's room.

    I think your witchy girl is fabulous too - lots of gorgeous pattern and colour and of course I'm a pushover for anything with a key on it lol!

  10. So cute. Precious really.Glad you showed them all.

  11. These are GREAT- I love the idea of the outfits over the Oz papers- so neat. And your witchy girl is wonderful- I think she might be my favorite of your mixed media pieces. Great job on the challenge (sorry I didn't get a chance to do anything for it- loved your theme!)

  12. Great take on the theme. :) I love the witch with her cat. :)

  13. The witchy girl is too cute. I love this style of art.

  14. I like your new obsession! That's something I would have never thought of...drawing garments (love that word...garment)
    I barely think to put my garments on hangers :)

    I am really digging the witchy different from every other witch, the colors are fab!


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