Sunday, September 18, 2011

IA Weekly Challenge

We're still hanging on to summer here. 
Although the temperatures have turned cool, there is still 
predominant green from all the rain we've had lately. 
And I'll be happy to have the green around a bit longer.

But painting a girl named Autumn has put me
in the mood for Fall's stunning colors.
I've been seeing pumpkins, mums, and cornstalks
appearing in the markets. There is always a
sense of anticipation and abundance in the Fall.
Suddenly I'm longing to replace my tired potted
summer flowers with something orange or yellow!

I don't have a story for this painting.
It's probably just too obvious that the girl
is daydreaming on the porch with a cup of tea.
Has the book she's reading caused the dreaming?
Or is she having a hard time concentrating on her
book because of the dreams circling in her mind?

The challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week is 
Autumn Splendor.
Be sure to pop over there to see the entries in the challenge!
They'll all be posted Sunday afternoon.

"Autumn" will be in my Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful Sunday whatever season it is ~
whether it's still summer where you live 
or if you have moved on to autumn . . .
. . . or, like our friends waaay down south, 
you are beginning to enjoy the springtime ;-)


  1. Wow..she is beautiful and serene...and i love the autumn-esque colors and feeling here in this piece..and that magical spark in her eye..gorgoeus!! Shine on..she is magnificent!

  2. Maggie, She is fabulous! What a perfect depiction of autumn splendor. I love her!

  3. Autumn is the perfect name for this beauty. I even felt quite warm as I noticed her shawl draped over her shoulders. Like you, I am still feeling the effects of summer, but seeing the fall decorations in the stores. You've depicted a beautiful time of year.

  4. She is beautiful. Her eyes are enchanting and so dreamy. I really love the colors and the details. I feel very relaxed and ready for autumn looking at your piece. I can imagine a cool breeze blowing and the lovely colors she would be looking at. Very nice.

  5. Oh I LOVE your Autumn girl- so beautiful and you've captured exactly how I feel this time of year- so wonderful!

  6. She reminds me of the time we rented a cabin in Mt.Gretna in the fall...I sat on the huge porch with a stack of books for hours...heaven!
    This painting is so very good, Maggie...when a painting reminds you of good times, it's perfection. ♥♥♥

  7. Oh Maggie, she is so lovely! I fancy having a cup of tea with her right now. Might just put the kettle on!

  8. Autumn is beautiful! Such a calming influence.

  9. This is just fabulous. You show the best things about autumn and those early chilly afternoons and evenings... almost enough to make me feel cool if it wasn't for an early spring heat wave xx

  10. Very pretty painting. It captures the essence of the season. I bet she is drinking a spiced tea.

  11. oh so beautiful! I love Autumn, the season and your painting

  12. She kind of reminds me of me today. :) It's freaking cold today and I have my blanket wraped around me too. :) Awesome painting!

  13. Lovely painting and I like the leafy background - it suits the theme perfectly. Thanks for the visit (I've been out of town so it took awhile to return the visit!)

  14. This painting is all warm and mellow - I LOVE it! This is my favourite position on a Autumn weekend - sitting with a hot drink, cuddly blanket and a good book, all cosied up! Gorgeous work :)

  15. Your Autumn girl looks so cozy curled up with her tea. Love the warm feeling it gives.


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