Saturday, September 24, 2011

IA Weekly Challenge

The Key to Her Heart
I love circus pictures! So I decided to paint one.

The circus is mysterious and intriguing.
Such adventure and daring!
Lights and excitement!
Life in the circus is close knit and contained,
I guess because of the constant moving on;
no time to put down roots or get to know new people.

So the little acrobat girl has hidden 
the key to her heart but can't remember where.
Not surprising, considering the weighty crown 
she must put a strain on her memory.
With all that traveling around, perhaps
it has fallen out on the road somewhere.
Perhaps she gave it to the handsome Pierrot 
and he won't give it back?
Perhaps it's just misplaced...

The theme of the week at Inspiration Avenue
is Keys, an intriguing and many-faceted topic.
Just think of all the meanings of the word "key"...
from piano keys to island keys to keys with locks.
Like the key to one's heart. 
Stop by Inspiration Avenue on Sunday
to see all of the entries for the Keys theme.
If you're so inclined, enter this or any upcoming challenge. 
New challenge themes are posted every Monday.
It's open to anyone with a blog, and a creative idea!


  1. Maggie, this is beautiful!! Great job!!!

  2. This is awesome! perfect in all its mixes! :)

  3. This is just like your description and you have captured the feeling of the circus perfectly. I love the key crown so much. xx

  4. Your darling little gal with her key crown is truly adorable. Would never have thought of that. Great IA entry.

  5. Oh, I adore this so much!!! I'm a big fan of circus themed art too. She's just precious!

  6. Full of colour, imagination and visual treats - just like the circus itself!

    Accomplished artwork, and I adore reading the little stories behind your paintings Maggie x

  7. I love the circus too- and this is such a beautiful combination of the theme and life in the "Big Top".....I love all your girls, but I think this might be my favorite with her crown of keys!

  8. Love your interpritation of Keys!!
    Your words flow so well!!

  9. *applause*
    I swear...this is my new favorite!
    And not even a self portrait, because your heart isn't are opened wide, Maggie. Mia always has said she wants to join the circus. Travel everywhere, like a gypsy. Sometimes she just makes me so happy...she isn't at all like me. Such an adventurous spirit, fearless almost.
    I love the harliquine paper you used...I always think a painting needs some black and white. The painting is just fab on every level!

  10. Circus people are usualy creapy. :) This one is too adorable. She must have been adopted. :) Love her!

  11. Maggie, I so love what you do. I think there's real marketability in your pieces. They are quirky, unique, pretty and just generally pretty lovely!


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