Sunday, November 14, 2010

IA Weekly Challenge

The Helping Hand
The challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week is 


and dreamed up by moi, Magpie.
This very nearly was the first week
a challenge host didn't have an entry
in the history of Inspiration Avenue.
I haven't checked my facts on that, 
but I believe it has never happened.

Between a shortage of time and realizing 
I didn't have a clue when I set the challenge 
(and no clue all week either),
Sunday morning came around too quickly.

But I have something to enter,
maybe not my most labor-intensive attempt.
When I found this cute German postcard
I loved what it says about community.
I think a sense of helping out the community
begins early in childhood, when children
are taught kindness and empathy for others.
So the little boy carrying his sister over the stream 
 is the beginning of a sense of community and giving.

Pop over to Inspiration Avenue later today
to view all of the amazing entries!

If you haven't joined us in a challenge yet,
play along next week (theme to be posted Monday)
for a chance in our monthly giveaway.
Enter any challenge in the month of November
to have a chance to win
this framed, 5 x 7 mixed media piece.

See you over at Inspiration Avenue!


  1. It's gorgeous Maggie, sweetly charming and innocent - and that's what community is all about after all, lending a helping hand!

  2. Hi!!
    I love the community here at Inspiration Avenue.
    Because of your helping hands and inspiration I am creating again.

  3. What a cute piece. I agree with the importance of handing on community involvement to our children. And your piece shows how precious it is when our children see the value. I was very excited about this weeks' theme because I have a project that relates so well. My daughters and I do a community run once a year to raise food for the food bank. I just had too much going on this week so I did not finish. Though I was not able to contribute, this is a beautiful theme and your piece is precious.

  4. So true- I love the innocence of the card you used! I'm sorry I didn't have time to post anything- I just can't seem to catch up with myself these days!

  5. Way to slide into Home Plate! Score!!! (or something like that...never really understood football terms)

    I really didn't get it together this week...I have it about half way done...sheesh!

    You are right about empathy...I think it is the most important character trait.

  6. Both pieces are beautiful, but I really love the whimsical nature of that second one :)

  7. I love your German card! What a sweet image. I laughed when I read your bit about being the only hostess not to have and entry in all of Inspiration Avenues history. =) Trust me we have all been there.


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