Sunday, November 7, 2010

IA Weekly Challenge

Happiness Is . . .
That is the prompt at Inspiration Avenue this week
brought to us by the lovely Priti.Lisa,
and a tricky one it was because I had 
much to choose from ~ all simple things.

I love a good book, a good strong cup of coffee,
a good garden, and...well... a very naughty cat.

It's not that I don't appreciate him pointing out to me 
the good parts of my book, but he covers up all the 
other parts that he doesn't want me to read. 
He's always rather irritated when there are no good
pictures of cats. Not that he likes other cats ~
he enjoys comparing himself to them
and bragging about how they come up 
far short of his handsomeness.

I just realized that this is a true collage ~ 
not a bit of painting going on.
Just glue and paper. 

Hmmm...maybe I should recreate it for
my sketchbook project, where
my theme is Adhere to Me.
I'm having a hard time figuring out
how to begin my sketchbook...

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Gotta run!


  1. Ha - he must have been talking to my cats. They love sitting on my books and in front of the pc screen!

  2. Our cat is now a year old. She is quite fun & quirky~ But I am usually reading while sitting in a carpool lane for pick ups, but she does like to hop up on my art and often gets her paws wet to see what I am doing, lol. This collage is great!
    Happy Sunday~ Theresa

  3. I can always count on you to create a piece that I LOVE!
    I love the torn wallpaper! And all the things that make you happy...especially that naughty cat!
    You made me laugh, too :D)

  4. Oh, this would be so perfect in your SBP!

  5. Beautiful work as usual Maggie - and I love that it's a "pure" collage - the torn paper and pattern work really well!

    I love the same things as you - a good book, strong coffee, a lovely garden and cats! I'd also class your fresh new sketchbook as a little piece of happiness too - all that potential lol!

  6. This is so fun and beautiful. I can so relate to all you have shared. I have a naughty kitten too. I can't help but take pictures of him and he shows up on my blog every now and then. When he wants to go to bed, he will sit on my keyboard and try to stop me from typing.. haha. Wonderful collage piece.

  7. Great collage! I bet you were happy while making it.

  8. HI sweets! I love your collage with your rascal of a cat. I love a strong cup of coffee too. It is pure bliss first thing in the morning and a good book is a wonderful escape.
    So do tell what you are referring to about your scrapbook.

  9. I laughed and laughed and laughed when I saw that collage. Actually, when I first saw it, I thought it was a quilt! But I digress. You have made the perfect piece with ME in mind. Strong coffee and a cat who knows he's handsome. A good book and a view to die for. What more could you want, right? Well, maybe a little less catitude. This is a wonderful, wonderful entry for this week's IA challenge. Gotta admit, it made me happy when I saw it.

  10. This definitely needs to go in the sketchbook! It is definitely a nice kick off to what I am sure will be lots of GORGEOUSNESS!

  11. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!! It's good to see so many friends of cats!

    Elizabeth, "catitude" is the perfect word!

    Tammy, The Sketchbook Project is what I was referring to. The link is in my sidebar. Check it out ~ it's a very cool project!

    Angie, right now, rather than making me happy, the sketchbook is terrifying me lol! Because it's empty. Once I get started, I'm sure I'll enjoy it!!!

  12. I love all the layers to this- that's probably why I like collages so much! I can totally relate the book hogging cats, mine always fight me for an open book. One of 'em actually stretches his claws on them, maybe he's marking it as HIS territory?
    Have a great day!

  13. I love the mix of elements!
    What a happy piece!

  14. Elizabeth sent me and you have a lovely blog here! nice piece!


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