Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogger Woes

Ugh, somehow, something got clicked
in my comments preferences, 
and blogger was having me 
moderate every comment. 
I thought I had had no comments, 
zero, for days. Until my Guardian Angel 
kicked me in the "patoook" (as my 
little neighbor used to say)  and said, 
Go moderate your comments, dummy! 

I am blaming my foggy state of mind 
on the weird smell  in my house, 
which has returned with a vengeance. 
It's that same smell of car exhaust.  
Some of you may remember me posting about this last February.
(and if you do remember that, your mind is super-human!)
It went away after several weeks and a  $100+ visit 
from the furnace guy, who said the furnace was fine.
I was just glad to have it gone, and forgot about.

Now it is back, and I can even smell it with the furnace off
and the windows open on a nice day, such as today.
And, so far, no one has been able to smell it but me!
I was even thinking maybe it was just my nose,
but I don't smell it when I'm not in the house...

Nope, he is still alive ~ it hasn't seemed to affect the cats. 
Although who would know, until it is too late...
They don't really talk about it.

Bleh. On a positive note, it's a beautiful sunny day,
breezy and in the lower 60s.
It's so easy to appreciate these days when
it's mid-November and you know there will be
very few more until winter is over.

One last note about Blogger, which is tormenting me lately ~
I am now unable to see my followers.
There is just a big space where my followers used to be.
I know you are still there, because my dashboard says you are.
The worst part is that I am unable to see ANYONE's followers,
and consequently can't follow any blogs anymore either.
Thank you, Blogger.

I'm trying to get to the bottom of it,
but I think it may not be resolved until I upgrade
my operating system which will allow me
to use a newer version of Firefox

Thank you all for your wonderful comments in the last few days!

I think I have comment moderation turned off now...


  1. I hate it when Blogger acts up. Last week Wordpress was giving me grief and I just walked away for a day or two while someone smarter than I worked all the bugs out. How odd to have a smell like that!

  2. Glad you're getting things sorted on the blogger front.

    As for the smell, I'm currently suffering from acute sensitive nose. One of the byproducts of being pregnant is that I can smell the neighbor smoking a cigarette from half way down the block. I can feel your frustration.

  3. Glad to know others have buttons get clicked for no apparent reason. How does this happen???? I am constantly resetting electronics. Agghhh! Good luck finding the smell.

  4. awww... blogger always screws up!! hang in there my fren :)


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