Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekly Art Challenge

The challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week 
is brought to us by Kim. It's a fun one called
Inner Child Art

I made a quick slideshow of the progression of
my childlike artwork
(This was only my second video, and while I was making it, 
I think I said a few words my inner child had not heard of :-)
But no matter, here is the finished product.

I'm calling her "Teacher".
I always loved a teacher who made learning fun.

Stop over at Inspiration Avenue to see 
the other Inner Child creations!


  1. Ohh, Maggie, Teacher is full of life, promise and colour. I love the way she opens her arms towards expression. My inner child is balking because she cannot see your slide show. I probably need a plug in of some sort? .

  2. Such fun and colorful piece:) Nice that you've had good time with the challenge. I still need to update my entry :) -Niina

  3. Thanks Kim and Niina!

    Kim, and anyone else who can't view the video ~ here is the youtube link:

    Maybe you will be able to view it on youtube? I hope so!

  4. Cool. Fun to see your work in progress on slideshow. I may join you all this week.

    1. Thanks, Gemma!
      Oo, I hope you join in this week!!

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