Monday, March 17, 2014

Mixed Media?

 A layered background ready for some finishing touches . . .

This has caught the corner of my eye every time I've walked past it 

in the basement for years. I always think ~ hmmmmm, so grungy . . . 

but I kind of like it!

Maybe it's the touches of pink and blue reminding me of a sunset . . .

Today I hauled it out and snapped a picture.

Can you tell what it is?


an old skateboard.

Probably took Jesse only 2-3 months to reach this level of destruction.
He used to skate every day.
Finally the board snapped and that was that.

I always wondered why skateboards had such elaborate graphics 
on the bottom when the very first thing that happened to them was obliteration.

Not sure why it was hanging around the basement, but
there's lots of stuff like that down there.
Even some more defunct skateboards, which I will check out.

Have you ever walked by something totally unrelated to art
and immediately had creative thoughts about it?
I've been doing that a lot lately . . .

Happy Monday, and Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Hope you have a good week!


  1. Awesome! Guess what? I still have a few old sk8 boards in the garage. They belonged to my kids and now my gkids use them. Yes they are works of art...all of the wear and tear make them Kewl. and Yes to ordinary objects conjuring art ideas. :-) Are you going to art up this board some more?

    1. Along with the memories of fun times are memories of bumped heads and banged legs and elbows too! So a lot is written on these boards. I'm trying to decide whether to do something with the board itself or do something digital...

      So cool that your grandkids are using the old boards. No gkids here, probably not for a while :-(


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