Friday, January 10, 2014

Magical Journal Journeys

The Magical Journals have come full circle and returned home!
I'm happy to say we are gearing up to start our third journal collaboration.

But for now, here are the fabulous pages in my
yellow, orange, and gray journal.
Thanks to all my sisters for working in my colors even though
they may not have been your first choice.
As you will see, the orange, yellow and gray pages
are fabulous all together. And I love the way the warm colors along
with the gray create a pushing-and-pulling effect.
Many pages have equated the colors with opposites like
sunshine and rain, joy and pain.
But the overall feeling of the pages is pure happiness I think!

I didn't include my own pages in the slideshow.
I'd like to say it's because I've shown them already 
in another post (I have) but actually, I forgot!
This is my first-ever video, and to say I was tense and had 
tunnel vision all day would be, well, pretty accurate.
I didn't photograph my own pages because I already had them done
and then I just forgot to include them.  And, I tried,
but I couldn't get Cat Stevens to make his song longer either. lol.

Here are the artists in order of appearance
(sort of in the order the books traveled 
but the middle is mixed up):

Click the links to visit each artist where you'll see all of the pages 
that were created from March to October.


  1. I know I am going to be coming back to these again and again - what a joy to watch and seeing everything together is just perfect!

  2. WOW!!! What an amazing video (which completely puts my amateur attempt to shame). It was like taking the journey all over, wonderful! I shall have to ask you for some video making tips! Hugs, Kat xx
    PS where are you hiding the party cake?....

  3. Outstanding job Maggie...Yours is the book I had first,
    so it was a special surprise to see all of the other pages for the first time.
    I had to watch it twice:) It IS a happy book. ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Oh your video is so gorgeous and what a warm glowing treat to wake up to enjoy on a grey, foggy Saturday! LOVE seeing everyone's orange, yellow and grey art together, LOVE it!!!

  5. Maggie your journal is fantastic. Your color combination turned out to be one of my favorites.This video showcases everyone's work so nicely. What a pleasure this has been. LOVE

  6. Maggie, look at you clever girl with such wonderful video and the perfect music to accompany it. I loved your journal pages and all of the whimsical art from cover to cover, yours included. I m looking forward to our next go round. hugs!

  7. Maggie, your colors were the ones that I thought would be the most challenging
    For me, but it turned out that I learned a lot about working outside my comfort zone. I loved the colors you chose and it was great to see all your fabulous pages and how beautiful the colors I thought would be hard for me, turned out to be so much fun to work with!
    Love, love your journal and your art, and yes.. Please do share your video tips...Awesome! XO

  8. Such a lovely slideshow:)

    Here are your words for the "extra around the world game":
    Egypt, Bird and Stripes and remember you don't have to use all of them. Just those that inspire you. I'll look forward to see what you come up with.


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