Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This and That

Altered Ancestors at Inspiration Avenue

Credit for the original photo

Family photos ~ what a lot they can tell us.

We were a happy family for many years.

But CATherine was never the same after Father took in that owlish boy. 

I knew he was trouble from the beginning.

One day, they both disappeared and not only that, 
we never saw our beautiful pea green boat again. 

Mother's heart was broken, since she and Cat were inseparable. 

Tommy went off to look for them and we don't know how he fared ~
he hasn't returned.

That left Sadie and me after Father, blaming himself,
went off to the Sanitarium for his “fragile health”. 

Sadie and I spend our days knitting and doing crewelwork
and talking about happier days.
We can't bear to leave the house in case there is some news
about our missing sister and the owl-boy. 

If you have any news to impart, would you please let us know?

They talked about becoming famous someday, so who knows?

Perhaps someone has heard of them . . .


Altered Ancestors at Inspiration Avenue this week! 
Hop over there and check them out!

. . . In other news . . .

Feels like . . .  - 29° ??? 

I don't even know what that feels like, and don't want to find out.

Last night ice started to form on the INSIDE of the windows.

and by morning the sidelight windows looked like this:

Yes, the ice is inside the house.

Ninety years ago, when our house was built, 
I guess they hadn't heard of double-paned glass.
I can't even imagine the expense and trouble 
it would be to replace these windows.
Besides, I like the old wavy glass (when it's visible :-).

I took some cool icy photos to use as digital backgrounds.
All without leaving the [relative] warmth of my house!

If anyone would like to use these, let me know and 
I'll send you the hi-resolution versions.

It's a perfect day to stay inside and make art.
I joined a facebook art journaling workshop

The workshop just started this week...
I'm hoping I'll be inspired weekly to do more art.
Check it out, it's FREE and is filled with enthusiasm!

The first prompt is Up, Up, and Away.

Began my background yesterday which was meant to be SKY

and now looks like an UNDERWATER scene, oh well.

I hope wherever you are, you are keeping warm!


  1. Well Maggie, now I know you're a creative writer too. I love your story. You are such a hoot! (Maybe you are related to Owl Boy.) I promise not to tell your cat you used his photo and called him Catherine. But he is kind of pretty, isn't he? Stay warm! I'm sorry that my wind chill factor is 70 but at least you know your mom isn't too cold.

  2. You have a wonderful imagination and a great family I think two of them are responsible for one of my favorite poems I always fancied pea green boats.
    As for the abominable cold at least you were able to salvage some great frost pictures. I hope it warms up for you soon...in the mean time you have a great excuse to keep guzzling hot chocolate.

  3. Adore the altered pics............cat..........owl........saved to use for myself, with credits of course.

    Your iced glass pics are the closest to Dr. Zhivago and the Varykino scenes I've come across. Gorgeous. Alas, you have to pay your heating bill.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. Aaah this is so neat, I jioned the challenge this week too, looking forward to it and the prompts.

  5. Stay warm, loved visiting you and your wonderful art!


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