Monday, December 3, 2012

A Video, Mandarin Orange Monday, and More Tags...

Little Bird Paintings by Zorana

I was inspired by this video:

When I'm moaning and complaining that my muse has deserted me,
I love to watch videos by artists who seem to create practically effortlessly.

It inspires me to think maybe I can reach that level of creativity.
And reminds me that sometimes you just have to dive in
whether you feel the creativity right then or not.


 Plus, Mandarin Orange Monday!

Visit Mandarin Orange Monday HERE.


Lastly, here are a few more holiday tags I put together.
Santa this time. Available in my Etsy shop.
Take 20% off with a coupon code: holidaylove

Happy creating!


  1. I always enjoy seeing where other artists find inspiration- and she IS truly inspiring. I also LOVE your Queen of Everything- gorgeous-ness!
    Keep on taggin' those are beautiful too...

  2. Watching your video made me smile and I continue to do so,thankyou

  3. Maggie is a beautiful queen - those big blue eyes are perfect against all that orange! And she seems very sure of herself amongst that world of colour. Thank you for sharing her on Mandarin Orange Monday)

  4. Muses seem to be a sketchy group- coming and going like the wind! My muse has a twisted sense of humor- she likes to watch me go a bit crazy before she pops in- but I am beginning to respect that and just go crazy from the start...Love your Queen! So playful and vibrant! Those tags capture the holiday spirit fantastically!


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