Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Angels Among Us

It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
but it is somehow feeling like it anyway.

Normally the holiday music and decorations appearing in the
stores before Halloween annoy me and turn me into Scrooge.
Somehow this year I am not bothered by it and (dare I say it?)
I'm even liking it a teeny little bit. Very teeny, mind you.
But still.

I decided to put together some collaged Angel tags for my Etsy shop.
So fun to add all the layers of texture! Tissue paper rocks!
I've started stamping on tissue paper and now I realize I
need to add to my collection of stamps.

The challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week is 
so the decision to make the angel tags was an easy one.
Beth of Mossberry Cottage is our host this week, and I love this theme.
I used some vintage sheet music from The Graphics Fairy,
stamps and tissue paper (I know, I said that), and some angel collage sheets
from my other Etsy shop, plus acrylic paint.

(Shameless plug ~ go HERE to see the collage sheets)
(and HERE)

I put diluted Gesso over the tags to give them a soft haziness.
I think next I'd like to make some with sharper colors.
Use the coupon code holidaylove over at
Heart of the Magpie for 20% off anything in the shop.

Pop over to Inspiration Avenue
and play along! You've got some angels, don't you?
If not, go ahead and make some!!


  1. Angels!! Oh yes, we have one! ME! Yep, the Romeo man. "She" tells me I'm an angel all the time! Hmmmmm, purrhaps there's an idea there that could be used to create some art......better go give "her" a push, rumor has it "she" REALLY likes angels....



  2. The textured look is fabulous.

  3. I love your pretty angel tags. The soft tones and layers are really pretty.

  4. Your tags are so classically beautiful- love the colors and texture. Can't wait to see the next ones you do!

  5. I like tissue paper, too. Can't seem to get enough of it!
    Lovely Angel tags! They are the perfect thing to put on a package!
    And I'm with you on putting out the holiday stuff while there is still Halloween stuff out. Just not right.........

  6. Great angel tags, I like the idea of stamping on tissue paper, like the overlay of gesso.


  7. You are very creative both in your choice of features and in the way you present them. The subtle softness is endearing ... and I would never have thought of using gesso, very clever:)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Maggie,
    Love your angel tags! The softness of the tissue paper and gesso gives them a winter glow!

    Is there a pumpkin graveyard? I am just curious what people do with their un-carved pumpkins? I use lots of them for fall decorating and they just live on forever ~
    Mine get moved to the backyard and we use them for feeders.

    Great Tags!!!

  9. These are beautiful tags! I just discovered how much fun it is to work with tissue paper, I also love to stamp them. Your tags looks "yummy". I think I should pop into your store with the collage sheets.

  10. oh Maggie, your tags are gorgeous, i LOVE the soft beauty that the tissue adds. Perfectly lovely!!

  11. Lovely tags, luv how you have folded the paper on the sides of the tag, great idea.
    Thanks for sharing. Ü


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