Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Dance

The mail-lady, Susie, has been good to me for the past few days.
How did she know I was tired of bills, junk, and political crapola in my mail box?

I actually won something!! Something way cool!
I entered Angelia's Art Journals drawing during The Fairies' Tea for these
beautiful joss papers (above), and I won! I had only a vague sense of
what joss papers are. You can read about them here.
They will be a great addition to mixed media art.
Thank you Angelia!

My friend Kim, of IMGIRL, sent me some lovely prezzies just because!
Her gorgeous tags are always amazing and here is one all wrapped up:

And unwrapped:
It's as much fun opening the package as looking at the tag within.

As if that wasn't plenty enough, she sent me some lovely tea.
The little pyramid packages are beautiful, and I know I will do something
with them when the tea is all gone.
Don't they just say "holiday ornament"?
It's tempting to want to embellish these, but they are so pure
as they are, it's a shame to alter them...
Thank you, Kim!

To top off the mail goodies, I received Priti.Lisa's art journal yesterday.
It's the final journal in our Round Robin before I receive my own journal back
with 7 gorgeous pieces of art inside! It's so cool to look through the last journal
because 7 pages have been completed and I loved seeing all of them.
At the beginning of the Round Robin (in April?), it was a bit intimidating to
start a page in the nearly blank books. Then it became a little easier with each month.
Now, somehow, with this book nearly completed
and only waiting for MY page, it's back to being intimidating again.
Lisa, I know you will LOVE this journal when you get it back!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Ah what wonderful goodies you received. How fun to get mail like that! It must have felt like Christmas. Kim is such a sweetie pie. I agree that the little tea bags would make cute ornaments. dressing them up would be fun.


  2. I got some fun mail yesterday too...it is fun to get these Art Journals in the mail each month, they are all so much fun to page through and touch in real life rather than looking at them on a screen.
    I have never seen tea boxes like that, you are right, they are so sweet in their simplicity, but I might not be able to resist adding some of those new papers to at least one :)
    Kim is the master tag-maker. I have 2 that I use for book markers, I think of her each time I read.
    Have a happy day, Maggie. I imagine it's gloomy at your house too. Love♥

  3. Wow - what gorgeous gifts you have received. Lots of lovely treasures :-)

    I know - last journals - I'm excited to get my own journal home but really sad that it is finishing. Hopefully we'll do another next year though. I just posted a spoiler for my pages in Tammy's journal. I wrote some words inspired by how much you RR girls mean to me, take a peek if you get a mo.

    Hope all is good with you.
    Kat Xx

  4. Mail goodies are always a GREAT thing- almost like Christmas! I think you should definitely use those beautiful tea packages as some kind of decor- and I agree they are so pure as they are it would be a shame to change them. I LOVE Kim's style, also pure and beautiful!
    I can't believe our journals are almost at the end of their travels. I've been so excited that my will be coming home soon, I forgot that the RR will also be ending! A little sad, but only a little since I know we'll be doing it again soon!


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