Friday, April 13, 2012

I just started doodling, and what do you know,
it turned out to be an entry for Jenn's Foliage challenge
It's relaxing to just sit and doodle . . . I am not that handy with a pen ~
my lines are messy, but I still kind of like her, and I'm calling her

So ~ a quick, simple entry calls for a quick, simple post.
That's all I've got!


Oh, except for one thing.
I got my own URL for my blog!
“The Magpie's Nest” was not available (of course),
so I am now The Fanciful Magpie.
In case you didn't notice.

If only I could figure out how to delete the
Cutest-Blog-on-the-Block background that has
attached itself permanently to my html.
I have to cover it with white so it looks like I have NO background.
Still have the little logo in the corner, though.

 The next day...
O.  M.  G.
I just created my new grabbable button for The Fanciful Magpie 
(very proud of myself because it worked the first time)

And even better than that ~
when I went to remove the html for the old button,
THERE was the code for 
that *^&%#*@ CBOTB background hiding in the widget!! 
I never had so much satisfaction clicking "Delete" :)

 So now I have a new button, and a blank slate for my background!
You probably have no idea why I am so happy.
But I am.

Have a super fantastic weekend!


  1. absolutely LOVE your new blog makeover Maggie, and I personally think that your new name is even classier than your firs. The fanciful Magpie sounds like a wonderful mash up of a fun loving bird and art that's highbrow and fancy. Love it.
    Primavera is a great addition to the many, many submissions I've had this week, wow. Thanks for entering, I guess I better get mine finished!! Back to the painting desk. Hehehe.

  2. I think the Fanciful Magpie is a wonderful name! Your Primavera "doodle" is great. I love the falling trail of flowers.

  3. Primavera is so pretty! She is a lovely addition to the contest. And I like your new name of "fanciful"...cute.

  4. She is beautiful, Maggie! I also love your new blog header and button. I wish I could figure out how to remove my background and header too. I played with it last weekend and it got all screwy so I just clicked a button to retrieve the unharmed version. lol Anyway I am proud of you for figuring out as much as you have. Have to hunt for a tutorial and let you know if I find a good one.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Don't you just hate it when people add code they have no business adding? Delete really IS a great action!

    Primavera is a lovely "doodle." Of course, I wouldn't call it a doodle, especially since she looks more like a work of art and less like a doodle to me! Beautiful entry.

  6. She is so spritely and magical- a glorious spring piece!

  7. Such a fresh and pretty Spring goddess, love the pink flowers in her hair! Your new graphics are gorgeous too, and the perfect personification of "The Fanciful Magpie!"

  8. First of all, I love your Pink Spring Goddess! I Know that sounds repetitive from above posts but it's true, she looks sweet and Springy. Never disappointed when I come to your blog! Which is the second thing.....I LOVE IT! Your new banner is PERFECT and the name is as well. A great duet!!
    Beautifully orchestrated! I know you are proud that you figured it all out! The more problems I have the more determined I am that I can do it and then if I have tried everything and I can't...I call on JENN! LOL
    Great it.

  9. I LOVE your new title- how perfect for you! And Primavera is wonderful- I love that little hint of "tude" you've given her- awesome!

  10. OMgosh Maggie i LOVE your new blog banner & look!!!! Fresh, colorful and beautiful, just like your art, Primavera. :)


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