Monday, February 6, 2012

 29 Faces

Day Six
This is a page in my journal done in acrylic paint
with torn scrapbook paper for the queen's dress.

Day Five
Colored pencil on watercolor paper.
It's an ACEO.



  1. Very well done, keep up the great work! Keep drawing....

  2. Both faces are incredibly pretty... and your little face from day five looks like she could be talking to us... gorgeous...

    Jenny x

  3. Love, love, LOVE these faces you're doing- gorgeousness!

  4. Your faces are all so different, Maggie! I think that every face I make looks the same, you are always such an inspiration for me. I went back and forth about which of the six is my favorite...I am picking #6...I think the veil tipped the scale :)

  5. So happy to have you in the challenge!
    Please include materials, so I can add that in Pinterest too :o)

  6. You're doing so well Maggie - I don't think I could keep up this amount of work to this standard! The one thing that always strikes me with your portraits are their deep, luminous eyes :)

  7. Pretty girls1 I like them all!

  8. Very VERY nice!!! Don't worry about being behind..just keep making faces :0)


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