Saturday, May 14, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Sacred / Ancient / Symbolic Art
The challenge this week is bought to us 
by Kat of Wright Story.
A thought-provoking theme 
with so many directions to go!

I've always been intrigued by mandalas,
and have never drawn one before,
so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Drawing the design was fun, relaxing
and meditative, and seemed to just evolve by itself.

BUT then came the color ~ 
I don't think I've concentrated so hard on 
staying inside the lines since the third grade!
My head came very close to exploding!
How do people do the really complicated ones??
This one is relatively simple.
Maybe I should have been meditating while I colored.
Actually, maybe I was, and that's how I got through it.

Still, I think it's a pretty little design and I rather enjoy 
looking at it now that all the coloring is done :)
It's colored pencils and water color, just to list the FYI stuff.

Stop over at Inspiration Avenue on Sunday afternoon
to see all the inspiring sacred and symbolic art!


  1. I love the colors you chose for this- wonderful combination and my favorite part of this (really COOL) design is the eyes you included....WoNdErFuL!!!

  2. Wow, Magpie, I can't believe this your very first mandala. It sure looks complicated to ME. It is gorgeous, and your coloring makes it even more beautiful. I'm totally impressed.

  3. wow Maggie!! the mandala is beautiful!! i love mandalas too. immediately 2 words came to me when i saw your design ... sacred feminine. what a beauty!

  4. This is gorgeous!! It is perfect for this week's theme; it's sacred, spiritual, symbolic & beautiful.

    I love mandalas and started trying to create them this past six months. It is meditative but I laughed reading your post because yes the detailed work makes my head feel like it's going to explode too! But somehow the experience of creating a mandala feels worth the headache.

    Kat X

  5. Love it! I've never painted a mandala either and now I want to! I love the eyes in yours and do I see some birds? I also like the design outside...kinda reminds me of the PA Dutch Hex signs.

  6. This is so beautiful Maggie - gorgeous design and wonderful colours! I'd love to know if you intended it as respresentative of anything? With the flowers and the eyes it makes me think of the feminine and of protection. Maybe a motherhood mandala?

  7. Well, I for one, am glad you concentrated! It's neat! I get it! I think.

  8. Gorgeous work Magpie...i love this beautiful mandala! It is very uplifting and grounding as well..super inspiring! I love creating with mandalas too..very healing and reflective!

  9. I love this Maggie! I've never painted one before either. How did you know what to do? Is there a guide for designing mandalas? At any rate your first one turned out beautiful. I might have to give it a try.

  10. It indeed looks sacred! Beautiful! I have also been intriqued by Mandalas. You did a great job!

  11. This is beautiful mandala Maggie.
    Great work for your first one.
    LOVE it!


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