Friday, February 25, 2011

Impatiently Waiting...
I'll be so happy when...

I can walk outside without getting nipped by a biting wind.

I can wear no socks and only one shirt.

I can open all the windows and let the breeze float through.

I can watch the green unfold and smell the flowers.

What's your favorite memory of spring?

One of my favorite sights is the return of the robins.
I never realized it before, but the American robin
and the European robin are not related.

The American robin was named
for the European variety only because of his red breast.
The European robin ~ isn't he cute?

The American robin is my favorite bird,
but I would not label him cute like the fellow above.

The American robin is cheerful,  
entertaining (they have so much fun splashing in the bird bath
it's a wonder they don't knock the smaller birds out),
industrious (he's the early bird who got the worm), and
never flies when he can hop (just my own observation).
I love to watch them hopping across the backyard...
Hop hop hop, and stop. Hop hop hop, and stop.

So much easier than watching birds that fly everywhere.

Speaking of not so cute
Only a mother robin could love this little dude.

To be fair though, all baby birds have that rugged look about them.

For the life of me, I can't remember where I got the robin pictures.
The apple blossoms are my own, but I didn't photograph the robins.
Just applied some Photoshop textures.
So much fun, which is probably why I forgot the photo credits.
I will find out who they belong to and add a credit...

I'm taking Kim Klassen's "Skinny Mini" Photoshop class,
which is why I'm obsessed with textures right now.
Check out her blog, if you haven't already!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. What gorgeous photos of the robins! I always look forward to seeing the Eastern bluebirds fly in. They've been out by the fence, eying the bluebird houses.

  2. My favorite spring memories are seeing Robins nests. I just love that shade of blue against the beiges and browns. It pops. I love your apple blossoms. Sending sunshine and warmth your way. The doors and windows are open here. It won't be ong now and you'll be able to do the same.

  3. Beautiful bird photos and great ornithology lesson too. :0) I do love spring time and the birds coming in. One of my favorite spring memories is living in Japan and cherry blossom season. The lanterns in the trees at night are amazing! I'm lucky to live on a street here in WA lined with cherry trees...I am tempted to put lanterns in my tree.

  4. We had a million robins come through two weeks ago- well maybe not a million but it sure looked and sounded like it! The fruit trees are starting to bloom here and I'm almost convinced that Spring has arrived......
    Crossing my fingers, and each day there is another sign that it's close- I just saw some geese flying through!

  5. I just love to come to your blog, Maggie :)
    So cheerful and funny and I always learn are a pro :)
    I wish I could have the attention span to learn how to use my photo shop...
    Warm-ish weather is in the forecast this week. I'll take warmish.

  6. It's a contest here to see that first robin of spring! And of course we love the first crocus.

  7. The Robins in the Uk tend to come out in winter. They're cheeky, personable birds & a huge favouirte of mine & the kids.
    Lovely pictures.

    Kat :-)


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