Thursday, December 2, 2010

Might as well...
welcome winter! 
It's coming anyway like those out-of-town guests
that show up in Christmas Vacation, one of my favorite movies.
Not that I have any of those guests mind you.

In fact, I'm going to BE one of those ~ 
we're going to California for Christmas, yippee.
I HATE flying, HATE leaving my kitties,
but LOVE getting out of the cold,
and LOVE seeing my family. 
Haven't spent a Christmas together in lots of years.
So it all evens out, I hope.

It's snowing today, seems a little early...

The phantom smell in the house is GONE.
No idea where it went, 
and I know it'll be back someday.
Had a chimney guy investigate this time.
He told us the ventless gas fireplace in the  bedroom 
should not be used (we never use it anyway)
and our chimney is falling down.
Never use that either, all of the thingies that
vent, vent someplace else.
So we're good there.
But he had no idea what the smell could be. Ugh.

New reason to hate Blogger:
I changed my background to something a little festive,
and now am unable to change anything in my layout,
So if you're wondering why you can't read
the titles in my sidebar, that's the reason.

Think I'm coming down with something.
Sore throat, yucky feeling.
So if I can, I'll work on my entry for
 the Inspiration Avenue challenge,
Once Upon a Time, and be
happy I got ANYTHING done today.

Enjoy the day!


  1. I hope you don't get sick.
    Pretty pictures--I do love the stark contrast of a cardinal in winter.

  2. Your new blog look is amazing...i can read everything! Where in Cali are you going? Hope your feeling better.


  3. Blogger can be such a pill! But then I remind myself that at least it's a free pill! Hope you get it figured out. I hate to leave my furbabies. Which is why I never end up going anywhere.

  4. I LOVE that picture- Cardinals are one of my top favorite birds, and this picture looks like a Christmas postcard!
    Yah, I *should* be working on my entry for IA, instead, I'm blog hopping.....and watching 5 Bluebirds (my other faves) fight over ONE house- I guess we'll be putting another house this weekend :)

  5. Beautiful! the cardinal..I never see any of it is such a treat!
    Gorgeous photo! AW..hope you feel better real soon..wishing you mnay sparkles..
    Have a wonderful wkd ahead!!

  6. What a gorgeous winter picture and being from Calif., you're brave to live in snow!!! I moved to New Orleans almost 5 years ago and I'm from Calif too...the San Fernando valley...where are you from originally? I can't say I miss it because for some reason, I had a premonition I'd, I guess it was my destiny...

    I wonder why blogger won't change colors...sometimes it is stubborn.
    But, your blog looks gorgeous! Since you're heading to Calif., maybe you needed surfboards and No, truly--this is so beautiful...and so cozy and Christmasy--I love it!!!

  7. Love your new blog background my dear and your lovely post. Wishing you a wonderful holiday in California. :D

  8. Lovely picture! It's been snowy here too - very pretty but rubbish if you want to do anything! Hope you feel better by the time you read this and your Christmas in California sounds amazing - lucky you! x

  9. Your new background is WONDERFUL! Sorry to hear that it doesn't play well with others. And you're coming down with something too?!? Hopefully, you will get rid of it before it takes hold and BEFORE you go on vacation. Maybe it will leave and go where ever that smell went! Good idea, yes? Oh yeah, Oliver wants you to know that he will need extra snacks while you are gone. That will enable him to cope better.....I'm just the messenger....




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