Saturday, October 17, 2009

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge 

Okay, I finally managed to get it together to whip something up for the weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue! And it was so much fun, I think I'm addicted now. I really loved this photo of the girl reading. I think she was a 1920s Flapper (I can picture her doing the Charleston in a short beaded dress.)  What I loved about it was, except for the stockings and funky shoes, her look is timeless and she could belong to any era at all.  This is a digital collage in, of course, pink.

Visit Inspiration Avenue to see past challenges and stay tuned for next week's theme! The challenge is open to all. You need a blog to post your creation on, but you're not required to be a member to enter!


  1. OH WOW!!! that is a winner!! what an absolutely stunning digi collage! love the connection btwn the girl in the background and the girl on the chair. it seems to me that the story she is reading, is coming to life in her thoughts in the form of the girl in the background. brilliant!

  2. This was fabulous Maggie and I'm so happy you joined in this week!! I love her and what you created around her - surely timeless indeed!!

  3. This is a lovely image!! The girl really draws you in!!

  4. I love the color choices, the almost neon pink with the brown. Really gorgeous piece.

  5. This is fab - you've created a great mood with this. Love your work! :)


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