Friday, August 2, 2013

Magical Journal Journeys

Lisa's Rust Journal
Lisa (the Wright One) chose one color for her journal.
(Unlike some of us [me] who had a hard time choosing just one hue!)
Lisa's color, Rust, is not only a color, but also a substance.
So, lots of possibilities there.

I had an event-filled July and would have 
changed most of what happened if I could, so when I finally got 
the welcome time to sit down with Lisa's journal
I had visions of bits of rusty treasures . . . keys, buttons, and 
other interesting found items. I discovered something about myself then . . .
I've always thought I was a hoarder of such bits and pieces. But soon found out
there was not a rusty item in any of my stashes. I was disappointed!
But with no time to go on a scavenger hunt, 
or to sit around waiting for things to rust,
I had to create rust with what I had on hand ~ paint.
Rust calls attention to the passage of

This is another one of those double posts ~ Inspiration Avenue's
theme this week is "Time" and I think rust and time go hand in hand.

The final journal page. I think rust has a sadness to it, emphasizing 
times past, things no longer wanted or needed.
Eventually disintegrating completely. As has been pointed out
(thought it was Neil Young, but I discovered it was said before he said it)
"Rust never sleeps."

I liked the complimentary colors of the orange rust and the blue sky
to signify there is always hope in darkness.


(Below) Not part of Lisa's journal, but I love this photo for its rust.

Times have changed in the Steel City since the early 20th century.
No longer a bustling, smoky steel town. 
The smoke stacks are quiet, the sky is blue not gray. 
An abandoned steel mill rusts on the Monongahela River.

I'm also joining Paint Party Friday this week.
Please pop over to PPF and also Inspiration Avenue for a visit!



  1. I'm a BIG fan of rust, but never thought about rust not sleeping. It seems true, though. And of course, I have you to thank (or blame-tee hee) for joining IA this week. It was a fun, fun challenge! I sure love what you created in Lisa's book, too. I am sure she will love it.

  2. Oh Maggie you sure know how to make a girl smile with joy! Love, Love, Love!!

    Sorry to hear about your loss - sending you prayers and love during this tough time. xx

  3. I love what you came up with for rust - your pieces are perfect and your script is beautiful! By the way that little animated cat you have on the side bar reminds me a lot of the one we just adopted (from the devil it turns out!!)

  4. Love your work, I never thought rust could be so wonderful!

  5. This is so cool! I especially like the way you had the portrait peeping over the burlap on the cover. Blessings!

  6. This is an amazing post! I love your pages and your thoughts but have a feeling positive thoughts are needed for you. The happy times and the sad times bring texture to our lives. Feel better my dear.

  7. I love those eyes in the background, are very impressive. Saludos

  8. Inspiring, wonderful rust filled pages Maggie! I love the way you've explored 'rust' with relation to time, our lives and the journey through our own timelines. I really like the layers, textures and wonderful quotes you've combined to make your fabulous pages. Lisa is certain to love and treasure these pages you've created.

    Kat xx

  9. Oh your pages will add much to Lisa's Rust journal.
    Beautiful words and art.

  10. Maggie, I am late getting around to leave comments, but I always know when I come here that I am going to wowed by your amazing work before I even see it! I just LOVE your Rust pages for Lisa!

  11. Didn't get to finish.... So creative and Just RUST perfect! "Rust never sleeps" Love!

  12. Rust?! Who would have thought, but I like really like it! Great pages.

  13. Maggie I wish I was in the backseat of your car
    seeing these pages and giving my commentary
    while you are trying to maneuver through Pittsburgh traffic...
    Remember how I did that with the books we bought...
    what an awful passenger I am.
    Anyway, I will just say here:
    I am infatuated with your work and I am always scared-ish to follow you.
    Love to you
    and please remember
    everything is as it should be.
    Just go with the flow (I know you do)

  14. rust has so many wonderful possibilityes doesnt it? These are wonderfully explored here. It's also vaguely steampunkish which someone else was blogging about today.

  15. Beautiful, rusty and inspiring pages Maggie, Thank you very much for sharing

  16. Beautiful post. Rust has all those things and more. Love what you did with the concept of rust. xox

  17. Your pages are gorgeous Maggie. I was fascinated by your thoughts on what rust represents to you and the feelings you associate with it. I agree there is a sadness about rust, the inevitability of natural disintegration. Yet it can also be so very beautiful. Love to you xx

  18. So beautiful! I LOVE your rusty take on Lisa's theme- I only wish I'd be seeing it in person because I know I'd be looking and looking and finding new elements with each study. Beautiful work as always!

  19. Your take on rust is awesome! I'm so jealous of the art journal group you're in. It seems like a lot of fun and I'm always in awe of your creations. The quotes you chose hit home for me as well. I'm going to keep the double page with the two quotes around for inspiration. Thank you!

  20. Love your journalpages and the beautiful quotes!

  21. Just here peeking again!! Beautiful amazing work and all your elements are so complimenting for Rust. I adore the face and the eyes just invite you in to see more. Rust Never Sleeps.. love, love, love.... I wish it had not already passed me, I would love to see it up close!
    Thinking of you in the days ahead and sending you prayers of strength and friendship for hard days and energy and love for days of needed rest!

  22. A beautiful inspiring post with wonderful colors and thoughts.
    Liebe Grüße

  23. Wow, full of memories and the past. . . yep it is all rusted. Good category and art. Blessings, Janet PPF


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