Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Come join the Tag Swap!

Do you love to receive surprise goodies in the mail?
(Silly question . . . of course you do!)

Inspiration Avenue is having a tag swap!

It's eazy peazy! 

All you have to do is head over to Inspiration Avenue to sign up,

make 3 tags,

send them to 3 people,

and receive 3 tags back in the mail from 

3 more people! 

Which proves that good things come in 3’s!

Tags are fun and easy to make ~ 
here are 3 tags I made last year for a journal swap:

This is one I created digitally and then printed to make a tag:
 (I used this for a bookmark before I started reading on my Kindle.
I still miss seeing it everyday ~ the one bad thing about eReaders ~
no bookmarks! )

These were also created digitally from vintage photos and 
embellished with ribbon and a scalloped border after printing:

So whether you create art with paint or prefer to make digital creations,
it's fun and easy to turn it into a tag!

I hope you'll head over to Inspiration Avenue and join the

Sign ups are open until January 25, 2013!

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  1. Shoot, I almost forgot about this...
    I recognize those tags :)
    I was below to see that orange (or do you prefer the word salmon) painting with the stencils and that quote which I must write down quickly before I forget...anyway, beautiful work and I'll check out the tag swap ♥♥


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