Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Holiday
“My Chicken”
The little Mexican schoolgirl and her chicken.
She knows her pet may end up in the soup pot one day, 
but is hoping not.

I love to visit Mexico.
I haven't visited in a couple years, so this is a picture of my virtual vacation
for this week's On Holiday challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
I wanted to paint "Bienvenidos" over the archway
since I took the design from the Rosarito Beach Hotel, where
I've visited many times. But I thought it might be distracting.
The painting is composed of many different Mexican images.

I didn't finish this in time for Hettienne's 
Roosters and Chickens challenge, but wanted to enter it.
So this is like a two-fer. Two challenges in one lol!

I hope you will pop over to Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon
to see all of the Holiday creations.


  1. I have to tell you, that is one FAT and HAPPY chicken. It truly WILL be lucky if it survives the soup pot (grin). This is a wonderful example of a fantasy vacation. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Fantastic vacation painting. Having stayed in Rosarita Beach I immediately connected with the idea of a vacation there.


  3. I love this too, it is so beautiful! Love the colors, the houses, and the girl with her bird (-: They've got wonderful character design. Parts of L.A. look a bit like this with architecture and the hilly hills, and I myself very much want to visit Mexico, especially Mexico City. I have been through Tijuana and in Rosarito six years ago, and want to explore even more. This makes me think of a children's book. I'd love to see more of this girl and her life!

    Speaking of children's books. Have you heard of Leo Politi? This beautiful piece reminded me of his work, too. I think you would enjoy it. Check some of it out here <3 : , ,

  4. I forgot to ask, have you been to Rosarito and the capital? I don't remember this hotel from when I was in Rosarito, but I was at a friend's house (her boyfriend's family owned one of the ones on the beach and they were there for the summer fixing it up), but it looks much like the many beautiful architectural things I saw.

  5. Oh WOW this is a wonderful painting- I love how you surrounded them with the town and the way she is holding the rooster is great. I LOVE this one!
    P.S. I'm finishing up on Lisa's book as we speak and will have it on its way to you in the next day or so....


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