Saturday, August 15, 2009


... and receive free supplies to do it with!

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I have made so many wondrous discoveries while researching this subject. It makes me want to throw away my computer and get out the scissors and glue. Oh wait, better keep the computer. I'll have to print out the images I want to use :)

Just look at what you can do with some paper images and an old book that you can pick up at a flea market or tag sale! Or how about jewelry? There are lots of options for making some awesome pendants!

Check out the Supplies for Tutorials Exchange below!

I'm giving away up to five collage sheets to 3-5 artist who would be willing to share their knowledge by making a tutorial to be published on Totally Tutorials Blogspot. The site gets tons of views per day, so would be great exposure for your talents. Just make an awesome art piece using the free collage sheets, then make a tutorial showcasing it.

Read the details below or post here to enter! You can also enter by sending a convo to magpiemine on Etsy.


  1. What a cute blog ! And I love the title. Magpies are known to pick things up and add them to their "collection" of things.

  2. Thanks so much for following!

    I have been a "Magpie" all my life!

    If you create art of any kind, check out my "free supplies offer"!

  3. Great blog! I love Oliver - what a cute kitteh!

    I'm also crazy about magpies - such adorable birds!

  4. Oliver is our tiny little cat who is 5 years old! I'm covering his eyes right now so he doesn't know I called him tiny! He thinks he is huge. He keeps us entertained!

    Thanks for the follow!!

  5. Great items shown! Somedyas scissors and glue can be the most creative tools!


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