Tuesday, February 9, 2016

29 Faces
February 6

Falling behind already! 
Been sick with allergies, sinus infection and more, never mind.

Here is day 6, only 3 to go to catch up!

She is part of an 8 x 10 painting:

She is in my Etsy shop HERE

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  1. She looks so happy and colors are so bright and cheerful. I like this a lot!

  2. Hi! Add the label to your posts so they show together in the Linky.
    Beautiful painting, super cute!

    1. Hi Ayala, thanks so much for hosting 29 Faces again! I have been adding labels to my posts, but have still done something wrong. I noticed that the first time I posted (number 34), it does go to all of my 29 faces posts...so can you delete the other ones that came after that? I think all will be correct if all but #34 are deleted. Thank you so much!

  3. Love your little girl and her sweet face, I have just been doing sketches to stay caught up or I would never be able to keep up, lol

  4. Thank you all for such sweet comments! <3 <3

  5. She looks so mischievious, I love it!!

  6. I love your art! I've visited your Etsy shop as well and it's all wonderful!


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