Sunday, February 28, 2016

29 Faces
February 23 - 26

Today I'm posting 4 more faces,
all are works in progress.
I was surprised to find that I had 
4 paintings unfinished . . . it's kind of like
"out of sight, out of mind"!
This will inspire me to work on them all.

February 23:

I saw a photo like this in a magazine and I really loved
the girl's fearful expression and the movement in the 
photo, like she was going to start to run at any moment,
or had paused in the act of running.

This is the whole painting, I think it's acrylic on watercolor paper:

February 24:

The whole painting, still a ways to go:

February 25:

One of my favorite subjects, Marie Antoinette, or a representation of her.

I'm noticing that many of my paintings
of women and children also include an animal . . .

February 26:

Lots to do on this one;
I would like to tone it down a bit
and make the elements look like they belong together.

Coming to the end of 29 Faces!
Since it's a leap year, I'll have a chance to post
my last 3 faces tomorrow.

Click HERE to visit 29 Faces 
to see and comment on all the entries! 
I hope you are enjoying the weekend!


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